Saturday, July 9, 2011

Back yard toys

We are adding to our collection of back yard toys. Grandpa George built the kids a sandbox for their birthday. We finally have it in place, leveled, and filled with sand. They love it out there and play in it almost every day. It has places to sit in each corner and a big lid that lifts up to store their sand box toys. Just a little tweaking of the screened lid so it's not so heavy for me to lift and we'll be good to go. Perfect spot under our birch tree so it's shady when they play.

Sara looped the bucket handle on her arm and looked right at me and said "Purse!"

Sara kept putting her thumb in her mouth and it would get sandy. Then she would take her sandy hand and try to scrape the sand off her tongue. A losing battle.

I love this shot. Adam is looking at her thinking, "Didn't mom just tell you not to suck your thumb in the sandbox?"

Last weekend I used Aunt Robyn's birthday money to buy the kids a trampoline. I can tell this is going to get years of use!

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