Wednesday, July 27, 2011

4th of July

The kids and I headed to Wisconsin for the 4th of July to enjoy an extended weekend. I mixed it up a little and packed them a lunch in a bowl to eat in the car. They thought it was pretty neat and did great with it - string cheese, crackers, and a big piece of apple that kept them busy. Then after a short snooze, we sang some songs on the radio. It was very exciting to them that we arrived in time to play with my cousin's 3 kids. Sandbox, swings, jungle gym, and jumping on the trampoline!

Friday we played in a doctor's office waiting room (which wasn't very well equipped for small children) while my aunt had her appointment and then enjoyed lunch out. That was when we spontaneously stopped at Sam's Club and bought their new trampoline which they absolutely LOVE! Off for some shopping to buy presents for a family birthday party. Sara stayed asleep when we transferred her to the stroller. Adam decided to have a meltdown and made it difficult for me to do any shopping. Aunt Robyn finally conceded and bought him a new "blankie" with a monkey on it to make him happy. Adam gave him a big squish hug to welcome him to the family. He really was cute.

Saturday my mom arrived and we all headed to her nearby home town (Harvard) for a small market days. A few vendors with yummy treats and vegetables and sidewalk chalk with my cousin Beth's girls - Grace, Lilly, and Clara.

We meandered over to the face painting stand. Unfortunately, aunt Robyn had already promised Sara a flower on her arm and then discovered the lady was only doing 4th of July type stuff. She conceded and made an effort at something that looked like a flower.

Adam chose a star. It started out looking like a star. Then she had extra paint and the more she messed with it the more I wanted to tell her to leave it alone because it was starting to not look like a star. I think she knew and was getting frustrated with herself. Adam really didn't care - he had something on his arm and it had a smiley face on it. I was just thankful later that we distracted them enough after bath time that they didn't miss them when they were gone.

I thought I would post this picture. We talk about our visits with aunt Robyn but she rarely makes the blog and this was a really good picture of everyone. Thanks that your house has always been come when you want, bring whoever you want, and stay as long as you want. Being married or having kids hasn't changed that at all. Sometimes I call the day before and say "we're coming tomorrow!" Great meals, great fun, and the kids have a blast!

Saturday was a pretty busy day! We headed back for lunch at home, nap time, and then put our suits on to go to the beach for their annual pig roast. After dinner, we headed back to Harvard for a birthday party for Clara and Avery. Clara is my cousin Beth's youngest and Avery is my cousin Ann's youngest...Beth and Ann are sisters. Did you follow all of that? Anyway, here's our fun playing in the sand at the beach. Too bad the water was still chilly.

On Sunday we battled the heat and enjoyed a parade. Sara loved waving at all the floats.

Both the kids came home with a bag full of candy! By the end of the parade, if the float would throw it near us, Sara would scream "Oh!" and run out to get it.

I guess it was Sara's turn to learn how to ride the scooter. Adam mastered it at the last Wisconsin visit.

The only thing about the trip that could have been better was sleeping. We tried out some cots instead of pack and plays since the kids are outgrowing them. Adam did extremely well except the last night when he kept getting up and after 3 hours I really lost my patience with him. Sara usually talked like she wanted to be in the big girl bed but ended up sleeping in the one pack and play still set up just in case. I didn't get much sleep as I shared a bed with one or both of them for at least part of the night every night we were there. One of the nights they were both in bed with me. Adam woke up disoriented and started crying because he wanted to be in bed with me but he was already in bed with me. A kick to the face in the dark is not so fun. He finally settled down. Sara kept tossing and turning on the other side of me. She was flopping around so much I thought she was going to fall off the bed. But we survived and after about a week got back on track once we were home.

Oh, and the Expedition being totally out of transmission fluid and needing a $500 repair wasn't too cool.

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