Sunday, July 31, 2011

I scream, you scream...

We all scream for ice cream! For those of you needing to get on my "good side", take note - this is my favorite ice cream. Edy's Slow Churned Mint Cookie Crunch. I could eat it every night. Who am I kidding? I do eat it every night. When I am feeling guilty, only 5 nights out of 7! I think Shannon was shocked that I shared some with the kids!

6:09pm. Let the fun begin!

Sara prefers the licking method. Slowly.

Adam, on the other hand, knows you should dig right in and take a bite!

To avoid brain freeze, it may be best to just pause for a moment in the middle of eating.

Brain freeze? Who cares!

Hmmm...wonder what that is on my leg...

I think Adam will gladly eat Sara's when he's done if she doesn't get a move on!

As you can see, Adam is down to the end and Sara hasn't even bit into her cone yet.

Just cram that last bite in!

Yum! Elapsed time? 4 minutes.

Meanwhile, Sara is getting comfortable. This may be a while.

She has finally moved onto the cone but pauses to lick what has dripped on her fingers.

Adam is done, cleaned up, and left the scene.

Finally, the last bite! Elapsed time? 9 minutes. Almost double Adam's record breaking speed.

Update on potty training

Well, some days I'm ready to throw in the towel and give up. Those are the days when we go through all 6 pair of training underwear I bought by noon because someone pees in them 5 minutes after they have gone on the big potty.

Then I have other moments when I feel recharged and ready to keep going. Those are the days when we go all day with no accidents! Or when we try underwear at church and Adam makes it almost 2 hours! So I know they are totally capable.

We just need to work on them *telling* me when they have to go. I remember all the logical times - when we get up, before breakfast, after breakfast, before we go outside, when we come in from outside, before nap, after nap, etc. But it's those times that they go, I brush my teeth, come back, and they have had an accident.

Sara is still doing really well even though I was going to wait to train her until later because she didn't seem interested. I think potty training twins at the same time is one of those things that allows me to tell a mom who tries to convince me that having children 14 months apart is JUST like having twins. Really? Cause having children 14 months apart (or some other random range of time) are at different stages of diapers or going on the potty. But training twins at the same time goes something like this:

Adam runs into the bathroom, fully excited about getting a turn on the potty. Sara notices and has to join in the fun. Adam is pulling his shorts down. Okay, Adam, up the step onto the potty. Sara is trying to pull her shorts down so I start helping her. Adam jumps up "I peed on the potty!" Clean up Adam's dribble. Adam climbs down. Sara's turn to step up. We get Adam's underwear back on. Adam, up on the steps to wash your hands. Adam climbs up and turns the water on, playing in it and getting water all over the counter. Sara jumps up "All done!" That's enough water, Adam, turn it off. I wipe Sara and she climbs down. Adam, enough water, and I squirt him some soap. Sara's panties back on. Adam is notorious for washing the soap off before rubbing it on his hands so I end up turning the water back off and making him scrub more. Sara climbs the steps to wash her hands. Adam is rinsing. Sara gets hers wet. Water off. Soap for Sara. Towel for Adam. Sara scrubs her hands really well, sometimes you could take a little nap with your eyes open while she is being so thorough. Rinse. Dry with towel. Both back down the steps. Shorts on. Celebrate with an M&M. Five minutes of my life that I will never get back has lapsed. Process to be repeated at least 8-10 times per day. That's nearly an hour per day. No wonder the last time my mom babysat she only choose to put one of them in underwear!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Let's revisit past 4th of July's

July 4, 2009 - 3 months

July 4, 2010 - 15 months

July 4, 2011 - 27 months

My how time has flown! My babies are growin' up!

4th of July

The kids and I headed to Wisconsin for the 4th of July to enjoy an extended weekend. I mixed it up a little and packed them a lunch in a bowl to eat in the car. They thought it was pretty neat and did great with it - string cheese, crackers, and a big piece of apple that kept them busy. Then after a short snooze, we sang some songs on the radio. It was very exciting to them that we arrived in time to play with my cousin's 3 kids. Sandbox, swings, jungle gym, and jumping on the trampoline!

Friday we played in a doctor's office waiting room (which wasn't very well equipped for small children) while my aunt had her appointment and then enjoyed lunch out. That was when we spontaneously stopped at Sam's Club and bought their new trampoline which they absolutely LOVE! Off for some shopping to buy presents for a family birthday party. Sara stayed asleep when we transferred her to the stroller. Adam decided to have a meltdown and made it difficult for me to do any shopping. Aunt Robyn finally conceded and bought him a new "blankie" with a monkey on it to make him happy. Adam gave him a big squish hug to welcome him to the family. He really was cute.

Saturday my mom arrived and we all headed to her nearby home town (Harvard) for a small market days. A few vendors with yummy treats and vegetables and sidewalk chalk with my cousin Beth's girls - Grace, Lilly, and Clara.

We meandered over to the face painting stand. Unfortunately, aunt Robyn had already promised Sara a flower on her arm and then discovered the lady was only doing 4th of July type stuff. She conceded and made an effort at something that looked like a flower.

Adam chose a star. It started out looking like a star. Then she had extra paint and the more she messed with it the more I wanted to tell her to leave it alone because it was starting to not look like a star. I think she knew and was getting frustrated with herself. Adam really didn't care - he had something on his arm and it had a smiley face on it. I was just thankful later that we distracted them enough after bath time that they didn't miss them when they were gone.

I thought I would post this picture. We talk about our visits with aunt Robyn but she rarely makes the blog and this was a really good picture of everyone. Thanks that your house has always been come when you want, bring whoever you want, and stay as long as you want. Being married or having kids hasn't changed that at all. Sometimes I call the day before and say "we're coming tomorrow!" Great meals, great fun, and the kids have a blast!

Saturday was a pretty busy day! We headed back for lunch at home, nap time, and then put our suits on to go to the beach for their annual pig roast. After dinner, we headed back to Harvard for a birthday party for Clara and Avery. Clara is my cousin Beth's youngest and Avery is my cousin Ann's youngest...Beth and Ann are sisters. Did you follow all of that? Anyway, here's our fun playing in the sand at the beach. Too bad the water was still chilly.

On Sunday we battled the heat and enjoyed a parade. Sara loved waving at all the floats.

Both the kids came home with a bag full of candy! By the end of the parade, if the float would throw it near us, Sara would scream "Oh!" and run out to get it.

I guess it was Sara's turn to learn how to ride the scooter. Adam mastered it at the last Wisconsin visit.

The only thing about the trip that could have been better was sleeping. We tried out some cots instead of pack and plays since the kids are outgrowing them. Adam did extremely well except the last night when he kept getting up and after 3 hours I really lost my patience with him. Sara usually talked like she wanted to be in the big girl bed but ended up sleeping in the one pack and play still set up just in case. I didn't get much sleep as I shared a bed with one or both of them for at least part of the night every night we were there. One of the nights they were both in bed with me. Adam woke up disoriented and started crying because he wanted to be in bed with me but he was already in bed with me. A kick to the face in the dark is not so fun. He finally settled down. Sara kept tossing and turning on the other side of me. She was flopping around so much I thought she was going to fall off the bed. But we survived and after about a week got back on track once we were home.

Oh, and the Expedition being totally out of transmission fluid and needing a $500 repair wasn't too cool.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Out of the mouths...

With all that the kids are saying lately, I'm wondering if this blog title should be a regularly recurring topic.

All of these comments were overheard yesterday!

At breakfast, Adam noticed there was a lady on our syrup bottle. He kept saying "lady" so I told him "Yes, that's Aunt Jemima." They practiced and practiced until they got it right. Then Sara decided she needed to be the teacher - "Adam, say 'Aunt Jemima!'

Last night at dinner I reheated some leftover cheesy potatoes. I blew on them before handing the plate to Sara. She took a bite and commented "Too hot--Mama cooked it too long!"

While playing last night, Sara went over to Adam and handed him a toy phone and said, "Adam, talk on the phone!" Of course he complied and said "Hello?"

Friday, July 15, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Quite late with this post but I thought I would mention our Memorial Day trip to Iowa for a big cookout with Shannon's relatives. We don't get a chance to get together with them very often. In fact, I think it was probably 2 years ago when we had a shower for the kids a few months after they got out of the NICU. They were still hooked up to their apnea monitors for that get together. This time around, they were in typical fashion around new people. Sara was quiet and just wanted to hang with mom. She didn't smile, didn't talk, but still looked cute. Adam was social as ever saying hi to everyone and pulling Grandpa's big cooler on wheels around. Every now and then he'd take a break, lifting the lid to get a piece of ice, and then climb on top of the cooler to take a load off. I was so busy keeping track of the kids at the party that I didn't have a chance to take any photos. Hopefully we can get a few copies from some other family members. Maybe we can turn it into a yearly event to catch up.

Before we made the trip home, the kids found all the containers outside that were filled with muddy water and had a splash fest! Nothing like having the car all packed and then needing to take a bath and dig out clean clothes!

Those aren't spots on the camera lens. Sara is covered in mud.

Adam kept convincing Grandpa to go in the garage for a clean rag to wipe the mud off his sunglasses.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

2 year molars

For weeks I have been checking inside Sara's mouth for her 2 year molars to pop through. She has been chewing on her fingers and drooling and sucking her thumb a lot more. I felt absolutely nothing. A few days ago she was tipped upside down and both bottom molars are half way through! I guess they aren't very pointy so I couldn't feel them. I can't believe she got 2 molars at the same time and I couldn't tell. I thought those were supposed to be really hard to come in?!

Sara has all her teeth except the top 2 year molars.
Adam has all his teeth except any of the 2 year molars.

Sara - 18
Adam - 16

Just pedal

Last Wednesday we were outside playing. Adam got his tricycle out of the garage, sat down, and started pedaling for the first time! My mouth dropped on the ground. I was at work the night before so I asked him if dad taught him how to ride. "Yes." Dad taught you how to ride a bike when you were outside playing last night? "Yes." I asked Shannon later why he didn't tell me about such a fun milestone. His response? We weren't even on the bikes last night. Apparently our work off and on over the past 3 months clicked and Adam figured it out on his own! If he is headed up a hill, he even pushes with his feet to get his momentum going and then pedals. I love Sara in the background clapping for him!

And then the next day Sara had to show us that whatever Adam can do, she can do, too!

Painted toes and braids

Our fourth of July travels brought some new firsts for Sara!

Hot pink isn't really my color but for my 2 year old, it can be my color.

Thanks for the braid, aunt Robyn! Now for me to learn how...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sprinkler fun

Their first time in the sprinkler. A little timid. Adam mostly. He kept pushing Sara to go first.

Back yard toys

We are adding to our collection of back yard toys. Grandpa George built the kids a sandbox for their birthday. We finally have it in place, leveled, and filled with sand. They love it out there and play in it almost every day. It has places to sit in each corner and a big lid that lifts up to store their sand box toys. Just a little tweaking of the screened lid so it's not so heavy for me to lift and we'll be good to go. Perfect spot under our birch tree so it's shady when they play.

Sara looped the bucket handle on her arm and looked right at me and said "Purse!"

Sara kept putting her thumb in her mouth and it would get sandy. Then she would take her sandy hand and try to scrape the sand off her tongue. A losing battle.

I love this shot. Adam is looking at her thinking, "Didn't mom just tell you not to suck your thumb in the sandbox?"

Last weekend I used Aunt Robyn's birthday money to buy the kids a trampoline. I can tell this is going to get years of use!

New car

A few weeks ago the kids found a new hiding spot that they love to play in - they call it their car. Both of them climb in and know exactly where the button is to turn it on, as well as where the horn is. Sara even dangles her arm over the side and says "arm hangin out." They asked me to join them but when I told them I was too big, they said "mama back seat" and pointed to the floor behind them. That's how it is - demoted to back seat already!

Before you freak out and wonder if their hands will get pinched, the lid is a soft close and won't slam down. Purposeful planning when we bought the furniture years ago.