Monday, June 13, 2011

A day at the farm

I can't believe how far behind I am with blog posts. I'll try to catch up little by little.

One of the things that I am really enjoying about the twins group I belong to is that we do fun social outings from time to time. About a month ago, a group of us met at a local family owned dairy farm for a tour. Before the tour started, Sara stopped to smell the flowers...lilacs, my favorite!

Our first stop on the farm was to pet the new twin lambs. I wasn't able to snap a photo for that because I was trying to keep track of them around the animals. They really liked getting right up close and burying their little fingers into the soft wool coat.

Next we got to pet a chicken. So neat to reach out and touch the feathers.

We also got to see 2 horses and 2 foals that were being kept on their property for a little while. We had to be very careful while standing at the gate and she brought the foals by for us to see. They were pretty skirmish.

Then it was on to meet the stars of the farm - all the lady cows living in what they call the Taj Mahal. About 250 dairy cows get milked every day and a Prairie Farms truck comes every other day to pick up the milk and take it to the local processor. It's back on the shelf at the store for consumption within 24 hours - now that's fresh!

And the babies! She had so many right now she didn't have "houses" for all of them.

Hopefully the kids won't remember that I wouldn't let them get out of their stroller to walk up and pet them. Maybe for the next visit. We had a lot of rain recently so it was very muddy and the animals were quite dirty. Considering that the kids suck their thumbs, all the germs were on my mind.

We tried to make it through the tour of the milking house but the kids were getting hungry and tired and wouldn't sit still. Instead we spread out a blanket under a tree and enjoyed a picnic lunch before heading home. We only had to shoo off the farm dog a few times so she wouldn't steal our sandwiches!

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