Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sara's new specs

We headed back to WalMart 2 nights ago to pick up Sara's glasses. They fit very well. You know how glasses can be when you have worn them for a while so we'll see if they irritate her at all.

That night she wore them all the way home (2 miles), while we walked to get the mail, and long enough to take a photo on my camera phone. Then she was done.

Yesterday we added them to our morning routine and after she got dressed, I put my glasses on and Sara put hers on. I thought maybe it would help if I wore mine more often. I don't usually wear them at home because the kids pull on them. She kept them on for quite a while outside and I got her to put them back on when she pulled them off. While I was getting lunch ready, they were playing in the living room and Adam stole them twice and wanted to wear them.

She has done really well so far but we do have a little work to do, which was expected. I hear lots of comments that it will take time. I agree to a certain extent. But there is also this stubborn, independent side to Sara that I have no idea where she gets it from :) and when she has decided something, her mind is made up. At that point we will take a break and put them on again later.

Oh, and as you can see from the photo, she is working on her new smile. Adam has his cheese. This was the best smile I could get from Sara. That was after I asked her to smile and she kept just having her mouth wide open. I would tell her to close her mouth. She would. I would say smile. She would open her mouth wide open. How about like brushing your teeth? This is what I got!


Jenny said...

She looks adorable! and I love the smile:)

Andrea said...

She looks so cute!