Monday, May 23, 2011

Loud sheep

Poor Adam had a terrifying dream last night at 3am. I have had some really great success the past few weeks that when he wakes I can rub his back or sing for a bit and then walk out while he's still awake and he will put himself to sleep. Maybe I am onto something and have figured a way not to have to rock him on the nights he is struggling. He would have nothing of it last night, though. He doesn't usually wake in the middle of the night anyway - it's usually Sara who has a dream. But when I went in, he was standing in his crib, totally freaked out, looking behind him. I hear ya, buddy, I've been there! We tried talking, hugging, rubbing his back, praying. He didn't even want to lay back down in his bed. I finally had to take him out just to calm him down or he was going to figure a way out. We had a drink and still wasn't interested in going back in there. I put him in bed with Shannon to snuggle while I took a bathroom break. We left him with us since he was so freaked out.

He finally calmed down enough to say Loud. Sheep.
You had a dream about a sheep that was loud?
Yeah. he hugs one of his blankie stuffed animals.
You thought blankie was a loud sheep?

An hour went by and he was still talking about this loud sheep. All I can think of is that when we went to the eye doctor a few weeks ago, they turned on an animated sheep in the back of the room that came forward, made awkward movements, and baa'd really loud. It freaked the kids out and I asked them to turn it off! I'm not sure what the point was.

Sara woke at 4. Of course. We did a little snack. Talked. Rocked. Water. Tried to put them both back in bed. Adam would have nothing of being in his bed with those loud sheep. So off to the couch the three of us went. Finally fell asleep around 5.

Tonight at bedtime, he huddled in his bed, scared, talking about the sheep again. I rubbed his back and he kept standing, wanting out. We prayed. I told him that I made them go away. He kept looking in the back corner. I finally put his lion stuffed animal in there to guard over him and he laid down. I'm not betting any money that he will make it through the night.

Damn loud sheep - go away and don't come back!

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Jenny said...

Poor thing! I hope he made it throught the night!