Monday, May 16, 2011

Growing up too fast

A few weekends ago we headed to a birthday party in Wisconsin and I think the kids aged at least 3 years before the end of the weekend. I had a few moments where I just looked at what they were doing and blinked, thinking it was a mirage that was going to go away.

For some reason, the kids have always loved the cement goose at my aunt's house. Good thing considering the effort my mom and I went thru carrying that stupid thing all the way to my car on Spoon River Drive, and then hiking it up my apartment stairs to store it until my next visit to her house! Just a few minutes out of the car and Adam has to give the goose a "squish hug."

After the introductory hugs were over, Adam hopped on while announcing "Ride it."

Here was my first moment of rubbing my eyes in disbelief. Five minutes into the weekend and both the kids were climbing these stairs of the playset by themselves. As Sara says, "do it." That sure seems a long way up - aren't you only 2?

Once they reached the top, they decided they would go down the slide by themselves. On their butt, on their tummy, it didn't matter. Sara would fly off the end and land face down in the dirt, giggle, and get up saying, "again." I think at one point on Sunday she got a little airborn on the second bump and didn't quite like it. For some reason, Adam loved sliding at my aunt's but since that weekend, he's all talk and no action.

Look real close. Sara is at the top of the slide going down by herself. Adam is climbing up the stairs. I think this is when I turned to Robyn and said "I can't believe I'm sitting all the way back here and watching." I'm not typically a nervous mom but this was a moment of exception.

Then we did a little swinging.

The climbing bars and trampoline were still tucked away for the winter. I quickly learned how much the kids like to jump and they don't need a tiny little trampoline.

They are still talking about building sand castles with Jordyn. I think part of Jordyn didn't like that the kids kept following her around but then again, she was super excited that we were all having a big sleep over.

Speaking of sleeping, I don't recall making it an entire night without one or both of the kids sleeping with me the three nights I was there!

My baby girl picked me my first non-dandelion flower!

Wormie! This picture still amazes me. At Christmas Sara couldn't touch the ground when she sat on this toy. That was only four months ago. I can't believe how tall she has gotten.

Here is Adam showing his skills on Peyton and Morgan's new scooter. Robyn showed him how to put one foot on and walk with the other. He quickly caught on.

My mouth still drops open every time I watch this video. We arrived and Adam was 2...when we left three days later, he was at least 5!

A very rare morning that Adam woke up before Sara. We hung out for an hour. He played with my computer cord. His mind is always trying to figure something out. Makes me wonder what he's going to be passionate about when he grows up.

There's that cheese again!

My boy and his blankie. Tag up, of course.

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