Monday, May 9, 2011

Glasses for Sara

We visited Dr. Vahey today for Adam and Sara's follow up eye appointment. It had been 6 months for Adam; a year for Sara. Their appointments were an hour apart but we brought snacks and they have a nice playroom to occupy their time. Sara did have quite a scare during the movie playing - Stuart Little 2. At the point we were watching, the cute little mouse was being chased by a mean hawk. I looked over at Sara and she was saying "birdie" and shaking. Just what I need when she has problems with dreams as it is!

Anyway, the kids were very well behaved for the entire 2 1/2 hours we were there. They let the tech put a little bandaid eye patch over an eye and play a game to see if they could recognize any pictures on the back wall. Note to the doctor's office: you might want to make the pictures something they would recognize if you want them to tell you what it is. Stencils of weird looking birthday cakes and old fashioned phones they have never seen before don't cut it. How about a dog, maybe a cat for pete's sake. Then she held a piece of paper in front of them and asked them to point to the one they saw on the wall. Didn't quite get that one. They just liked pointing at the stuff. They wore some cool glasses with one lens colored red and one blue. All four dots on the flashlight lens were identified but we are still working on deciphering red from blue. The tech did ask me if I noticed that Sara tilts her head to the left a lot. Uhhh, no? I don't think so. Would that be something I would notice?

After getting drops in their eyes to dilate them, we headed back to the play room for a little while.

We went back to see Dr. Vahey and, of course, Adam had to flirt with her a little bit. She has really long hair and that always wins him over! A quick peek at his eyes and she said he has very minor astigmatism but looks fine and needs no correction at this time. What a relief! If you remember, Adam has had more issues with his eyes and we were watching his astigmatism closely. Astigmatism involves the shape of the eye and that it is shaped more oval like a football than round. She looked at Sara's eyes a little longer before telling me that her astigmatism was much worse and she needed glasses. Excuse me? That came out of left field and I wasn't expecting it at all.

Dr. Vahey said she prescribes glasses differently depending on the age of the child. Adam, for example, is measuring at 0.5. For a 2 year old, no glasses are required. But if he was 8, she would put him in glasses. To compare, Sara is measuring at 1.25. It is possible that it could correct itself, especially since she is young and in rapid growth years. She would like to see her again in July to monitor it.

We perused the eyewear options but I about choked when she told me $130 for the frames and another $120 for the lenses. The office visit was covered under our state health insurance for the kids, but the frames were not. The woman tried on several pairs and gave me some insight as to what would be best for Sara while Adam worked on taking all the glasses off the display and trying them on himself. Thankfully, she shared that WalMart works with the state insurance for the frames.

Tonight after dinner we had a field trip to WalMart. Adam shopped with Dad while Sara and I headed to look at glasses. There was one particular frame that Sara liked because when I put it on her, she would look at me and say "Niiiiccce." They were a little too flimsy, though. With the state program, you can only pick from the 2 selections for her age and they take 5-8 WEEKS to arrive. But they are free and they suggest you pick one to have as a spare. Then we also chose a WalMart pair that can be received next week. They are flexible frames that can be pulled totally flat, pink, with wrap around ear pieces. $88. One year replacement warranty, even if they get run over by the lawn mower! Sounds like a good deal.

Now we'll see if Sara will keep them on...and if Adam will leave them alone, too.

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Jenny said...

Poor Sara! Should be interesting to see if she will leave them on....maybe if they help her see better she will. But I'm sure brother will be just as intranced by them too!