Saturday, May 7, 2011


The kids have been enjoying various forms of freedom lately. This post is specifically about Adam's freedom. Two nights ago I heard in the monitor at about 8pm "Diaper. Diaper." That is usually something that shouldn't be ignored. I opened the door and turned the dimmer light on as low as possible. He was standing in his crib, his sleep sack unzipped up to his chest, and a whole lot of skin showing. Pajama pants off, diaper off, and his sleep sack pulled back to celebrate his freedom...big grin on his face! We got him put back together and had a talk about how his diaper had to stay on, mom or dad only take it off, when he goes on the big potty all the time then he won't have to wear a diaper, blah blah blah.

Whatever, mom.

Fast forward to yesterday. Sara and I hung out for a while in the afternoon while Adam enjoyed a longer nap. He started to stir and we both went in there only to stop dead in our tracks. I think both our mouths dropped open at the sight. Pants at his ankles, diaper on the floor. Poop smeared all over his bed sheets.

Not cool. Not cool at all. In fact, gross.

I'm considering the duct tape belt I saw on a friend's recent blog post.

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Jenny said...

OH NO! I don't even want to imagine that happening....:)