Monday, May 23, 2011

Loud sheep

Poor Adam had a terrifying dream last night at 3am. I have had some really great success the past few weeks that when he wakes I can rub his back or sing for a bit and then walk out while he's still awake and he will put himself to sleep. Maybe I am onto something and have figured a way not to have to rock him on the nights he is struggling. He would have nothing of it last night, though. He doesn't usually wake in the middle of the night anyway - it's usually Sara who has a dream. But when I went in, he was standing in his crib, totally freaked out, looking behind him. I hear ya, buddy, I've been there! We tried talking, hugging, rubbing his back, praying. He didn't even want to lay back down in his bed. I finally had to take him out just to calm him down or he was going to figure a way out. We had a drink and still wasn't interested in going back in there. I put him in bed with Shannon to snuggle while I took a bathroom break. We left him with us since he was so freaked out.

He finally calmed down enough to say Loud. Sheep.
You had a dream about a sheep that was loud?
Yeah. he hugs one of his blankie stuffed animals.
You thought blankie was a loud sheep?

An hour went by and he was still talking about this loud sheep. All I can think of is that when we went to the eye doctor a few weeks ago, they turned on an animated sheep in the back of the room that came forward, made awkward movements, and baa'd really loud. It freaked the kids out and I asked them to turn it off! I'm not sure what the point was.

Sara woke at 4. Of course. We did a little snack. Talked. Rocked. Water. Tried to put them both back in bed. Adam would have nothing of being in his bed with those loud sheep. So off to the couch the three of us went. Finally fell asleep around 5.

Tonight at bedtime, he huddled in his bed, scared, talking about the sheep again. I rubbed his back and he kept standing, wanting out. We prayed. I told him that I made them go away. He kept looking in the back corner. I finally put his lion stuffed animal in there to guard over him and he laid down. I'm not betting any money that he will make it through the night.

Damn loud sheep - go away and don't come back!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


I totally forgot to mention Sara's excitement while we were in Wisconsin. The kids always enjoy watching the wildlife at aunt Robyn's. The first morning we were there, Sara came upstairs and Robyn asked her 'Sara look out the big window, what do you see?' There, running across the yard, Sara saw what she was talking about. She pointed and yelled the loudest I have heard her...


Friday, May 20, 2011

A boy and his heels

My son has issues. With shoes. I could make a whole photo montage of just pictures I have of Adam in big shoes. I'll have to go back and do that some time in my overabundance of free time.

Flip flops. Fancy boots. Winter boots. Work boots. Crocs. Tennis shoes. Heels.


Who would have thought that this mower would get so much use? It was a great find at last fall's twin sale for $10. With the nice weather, we have moved the mowing outside and added the bubbles. It's a daily task for Adam to keep up on...2 acres takes a long time to bubble mow!

If you look closely you can see the trail of bubbles that Adam left in his path!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sara's new specs

We headed back to WalMart 2 nights ago to pick up Sara's glasses. They fit very well. You know how glasses can be when you have worn them for a while so we'll see if they irritate her at all.

That night she wore them all the way home (2 miles), while we walked to get the mail, and long enough to take a photo on my camera phone. Then she was done.

Yesterday we added them to our morning routine and after she got dressed, I put my glasses on and Sara put hers on. I thought maybe it would help if I wore mine more often. I don't usually wear them at home because the kids pull on them. She kept them on for quite a while outside and I got her to put them back on when she pulled them off. While I was getting lunch ready, they were playing in the living room and Adam stole them twice and wanted to wear them.

She has done really well so far but we do have a little work to do, which was expected. I hear lots of comments that it will take time. I agree to a certain extent. But there is also this stubborn, independent side to Sara that I have no idea where she gets it from :) and when she has decided something, her mind is made up. At that point we will take a break and put them on again later.

Oh, and as you can see from the photo, she is working on her new smile. Adam has his cheese. This was the best smile I could get from Sara. That was after I asked her to smile and she kept just having her mouth wide open. I would tell her to close her mouth. She would. I would say smile. She would open her mouth wide open. How about like brushing your teeth? This is what I got!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Growing up too fast

A few weekends ago we headed to a birthday party in Wisconsin and I think the kids aged at least 3 years before the end of the weekend. I had a few moments where I just looked at what they were doing and blinked, thinking it was a mirage that was going to go away.

For some reason, the kids have always loved the cement goose at my aunt's house. Good thing considering the effort my mom and I went thru carrying that stupid thing all the way to my car on Spoon River Drive, and then hiking it up my apartment stairs to store it until my next visit to her house! Just a few minutes out of the car and Adam has to give the goose a "squish hug."

After the introductory hugs were over, Adam hopped on while announcing "Ride it."

Here was my first moment of rubbing my eyes in disbelief. Five minutes into the weekend and both the kids were climbing these stairs of the playset by themselves. As Sara says, "do it." That sure seems a long way up - aren't you only 2?

Once they reached the top, they decided they would go down the slide by themselves. On their butt, on their tummy, it didn't matter. Sara would fly off the end and land face down in the dirt, giggle, and get up saying, "again." I think at one point on Sunday she got a little airborn on the second bump and didn't quite like it. For some reason, Adam loved sliding at my aunt's but since that weekend, he's all talk and no action.

Look real close. Sara is at the top of the slide going down by herself. Adam is climbing up the stairs. I think this is when I turned to Robyn and said "I can't believe I'm sitting all the way back here and watching." I'm not typically a nervous mom but this was a moment of exception.

Then we did a little swinging.

The climbing bars and trampoline were still tucked away for the winter. I quickly learned how much the kids like to jump and they don't need a tiny little trampoline.

They are still talking about building sand castles with Jordyn. I think part of Jordyn didn't like that the kids kept following her around but then again, she was super excited that we were all having a big sleep over.

Speaking of sleeping, I don't recall making it an entire night without one or both of the kids sleeping with me the three nights I was there!

My baby girl picked me my first non-dandelion flower!

Wormie! This picture still amazes me. At Christmas Sara couldn't touch the ground when she sat on this toy. That was only four months ago. I can't believe how tall she has gotten.

Here is Adam showing his skills on Peyton and Morgan's new scooter. Robyn showed him how to put one foot on and walk with the other. He quickly caught on.

My mouth still drops open every time I watch this video. We arrived and Adam was 2...when we left three days later, he was at least 5!

A very rare morning that Adam woke up before Sara. We hung out for an hour. He played with my computer cord. His mind is always trying to figure something out. Makes me wonder what he's going to be passionate about when he grows up.

There's that cheese again!

My boy and his blankie. Tag up, of course.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Future Diva

I often find Sara singing lately, making up her own words. If she weren't strapped into her high chair, she would be dancing at the same time, spinning around and moving her arms.

The funniest part about this video to me is toward the end when Adam is singing but Sara's lips are moving so it makes it seem like it's her.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Glasses for Sara

We visited Dr. Vahey today for Adam and Sara's follow up eye appointment. It had been 6 months for Adam; a year for Sara. Their appointments were an hour apart but we brought snacks and they have a nice playroom to occupy their time. Sara did have quite a scare during the movie playing - Stuart Little 2. At the point we were watching, the cute little mouse was being chased by a mean hawk. I looked over at Sara and she was saying "birdie" and shaking. Just what I need when she has problems with dreams as it is!

Anyway, the kids were very well behaved for the entire 2 1/2 hours we were there. They let the tech put a little bandaid eye patch over an eye and play a game to see if they could recognize any pictures on the back wall. Note to the doctor's office: you might want to make the pictures something they would recognize if you want them to tell you what it is. Stencils of weird looking birthday cakes and old fashioned phones they have never seen before don't cut it. How about a dog, maybe a cat for pete's sake. Then she held a piece of paper in front of them and asked them to point to the one they saw on the wall. Didn't quite get that one. They just liked pointing at the stuff. They wore some cool glasses with one lens colored red and one blue. All four dots on the flashlight lens were identified but we are still working on deciphering red from blue. The tech did ask me if I noticed that Sara tilts her head to the left a lot. Uhhh, no? I don't think so. Would that be something I would notice?

After getting drops in their eyes to dilate them, we headed back to the play room for a little while.

We went back to see Dr. Vahey and, of course, Adam had to flirt with her a little bit. She has really long hair and that always wins him over! A quick peek at his eyes and she said he has very minor astigmatism but looks fine and needs no correction at this time. What a relief! If you remember, Adam has had more issues with his eyes and we were watching his astigmatism closely. Astigmatism involves the shape of the eye and that it is shaped more oval like a football than round. She looked at Sara's eyes a little longer before telling me that her astigmatism was much worse and she needed glasses. Excuse me? That came out of left field and I wasn't expecting it at all.

Dr. Vahey said she prescribes glasses differently depending on the age of the child. Adam, for example, is measuring at 0.5. For a 2 year old, no glasses are required. But if he was 8, she would put him in glasses. To compare, Sara is measuring at 1.25. It is possible that it could correct itself, especially since she is young and in rapid growth years. She would like to see her again in July to monitor it.

We perused the eyewear options but I about choked when she told me $130 for the frames and another $120 for the lenses. The office visit was covered under our state health insurance for the kids, but the frames were not. The woman tried on several pairs and gave me some insight as to what would be best for Sara while Adam worked on taking all the glasses off the display and trying them on himself. Thankfully, she shared that WalMart works with the state insurance for the frames.

Tonight after dinner we had a field trip to WalMart. Adam shopped with Dad while Sara and I headed to look at glasses. There was one particular frame that Sara liked because when I put it on her, she would look at me and say "Niiiiccce." They were a little too flimsy, though. With the state program, you can only pick from the 2 selections for her age and they take 5-8 WEEKS to arrive. But they are free and they suggest you pick one to have as a spare. Then we also chose a WalMart pair that can be received next week. They are flexible frames that can be pulled totally flat, pink, with wrap around ear pieces. $88. One year replacement warranty, even if they get run over by the lawn mower! Sounds like a good deal.

Now we'll see if Sara will keep them on...and if Adam will leave them alone, too.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Driving home from Wisconsin, I hear Sara say "Ivy...lick!" Looking in the mirror, I just had to capture it.


When it comes to flags, Adam and Sara get super excited!

Our flag hanging outside on the pole.

Or while driving in the car, they spot every imaginable flag out the window. Big ones, little ones, American flags, Illinois flags, Marine name it! If it's waving in the wind, it's a flag worth pointing out!

Even our property that was recently flagged by JULIE for an upcoming landscaping project. They just can't leave them alone. Adam wandered off around the corner of the house and I called for him. He trots back around the bush a few minutes later, one in each hand, exclaiming proudly "FLAG!"

Happy Belated Easter

Despite strong nudges from my cousin, this household was without Easter festivities this year. No Easter baskets. No candy. No egg hunt. This Mama spent the weekend trying to catch up on things while Grandma was visiting. We did enjoy church together as a family and a nice meal.

Maybe if I start planning now, we can have a blow-out bash next year!


The kids have been enjoying various forms of freedom lately. This post is specifically about Adam's freedom. Two nights ago I heard in the monitor at about 8pm "Diaper. Diaper." That is usually something that shouldn't be ignored. I opened the door and turned the dimmer light on as low as possible. He was standing in his crib, his sleep sack unzipped up to his chest, and a whole lot of skin showing. Pajama pants off, diaper off, and his sleep sack pulled back to celebrate his freedom...big grin on his face! We got him put back together and had a talk about how his diaper had to stay on, mom or dad only take it off, when he goes on the big potty all the time then he won't have to wear a diaper, blah blah blah.

Whatever, mom.

Fast forward to yesterday. Sara and I hung out for a while in the afternoon while Adam enjoyed a longer nap. He started to stir and we both went in there only to stop dead in our tracks. I think both our mouths dropped open at the sight. Pants at his ankles, diaper on the floor. Poop smeared all over his bed sheets.

Not cool. Not cool at all. In fact, gross.

I'm considering the duct tape belt I saw on a friend's recent blog post.