Saturday, April 9, 2011

New bikini

I love the semi-annual sale that the Peoria Mothers of Twins/Triplets organizes. I have posted about it before and always find some great items.

Only one big thing I bought this spring - a 3 tiered shelf with bins to store the kids toys. We are trying to organize more and they can find things to play with easier.

My favorite purchase? Sara's new bikini. I was so excited I found it, I was giddy. Then somehow it fell off my basket at the sale. I looked everywhere and was so disappointed I started moping around. I expressed my sadness to a triplet mom and it's a good thing I did...she saw it laying on the floor and had set it aside on a table for me. Kirsten's the bomb!

Sara had to show off her new sandals, too. Check out Adam's new rainboots...dinosaurs. He wears them all the time, inside and out! They make his feet so sweaty. And, yes, he can say the word "sweaty."