Thursday, April 28, 2011

Adam with no nap

What a strange day. Sara was up at 6. Adam got up at 7. Usual wake up time is around 8. They were bickering with each other off and on in the morning. I tried to lay them down for a nap early but they were jumping in their crib and banging on the wall. We read another book. It turned out that Sara fell asleep for 90 min. Adam never napped. I can't remember the last time Adam hasn't napped. I left at 4:15 for a haircut and got back at 5:15 to hear Sara saying "sleepin". I wondered what time Adam would crash. This is what I came home to...

He had crawled in Sara's high chair while Shannon was cutting strawberries for dinner. Ivy interrupted with needing a potty break. When Shannon came back, Adam was asleep and Sara was making the announcement.

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