Saturday, March 12, 2011


Adam had a great day today on the big potty. Pooped in the morning. Peed after dinner. Hopefully this spontaneity will help us when we really give potty training a go, so to speak.

Sara told us after dinner that she needed to use the potty, as well. At least she didn't say "all done" as soon as her bare bum hit the seat. She sat there and chatted for a while. But did nothing. I wondered if it was more about Adam did it so she wanted in on the action. Then she ran through the house with her naked butt. When I heard her fuss at the closed door in the living room, I guessed right that she had peed. On her socks, on the carpet, on the door, under the french doors and into the dining room! Less than 30 seconds without a diaper and she emptied her bladder. In the end, I guess she was right - she did have to go!

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