Saturday, March 19, 2011

Adam graduates with honors

A month ago Adam had his regularly scheduled follow-up visit with the Easter Seals Regional Development Follow-Up Program (RDFP). He was part of the program as a result of his Grade III Intra-Ventricular Hemorrhage (IVH) just after birth.

Shannon was scheduled to go with me but he was in Iowa for the day. I got brave and took both kids by myself. You never know how busy a place will be and if the kids are going to head in different directions. Shockingly, I arrived early. We were the only ones there and the kids enjoyed playing with the toy shopping carts in the waiting area.

Adam visited with two different therapists who tried to challenge him with various tasks--stacking blocks, coloring, shapes puzzles, opening scissors, kicking a ball, putting small items in a container, unscrewing a lid, walking a balance beam, threading a string through a hole in a bead, recognizing colors, speech, cognitive recognition.

One of the therapists commented on the evaluation form, "Very smart and cooperative during testing! Keep up the good work!"

When we originally started with the RDFP, Adam was supposed to have one more appointment when he was 3 years old. However, due to funding constraints, they have shortened their program.

Easter Seals has declared Adam caught up with his actual age and he has graduated from the program. Two years ago this day seemed so far off. It feels good to be here...really, really good.

One proud Mama.

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Jenny said...

Yea Adam! And you should be guys have worked very hard with him!