Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weathering the storm in Wisconsin

My cousin's twin girls turned 5 on Tuesday and I didn't want to miss the pajama birthday party they were having that night. I packed extra clothes just in case for the kids and I and we headed to Lake Geneva a day early on Monday to beat the storm. The weather got worse at home before it did in Wisconsin so I was grateful that I left when I did. Things were clear Monday through Tuesday afternoon.

We had fun at the party Tuesday night and left to go back to my aunt's house as the snow was getting heavy. I was thankful to follow another cousin and her family back to Lake Geneva as road conditions and visibility were worsening. When we woke the next morning we saw about 20" of new snow on the ground.

Adam says the drift on the back deck was about this...high! 30" to be exact!

This is a view out the garage door, which leads to a patio that the squirrels usually enjoy breakfast on. I think one may have almost suffered a heart attack jumping through the snow to get to the food once the patio was cleared! The deer also had a hard time finding food as we saw them in the back yard in snow up to their bellies!

We couldn't resist bundling the kids up so they could see the big blizzard up close and personal.

Adam was fascinated by the snow blower...watcha doin' Uncle Paul?

He also tried to help my Aunt Robyn shovel. Sara preferred to stay back and just watch.

Snow higher than the kids!

They also enjoyed a sled ride down the street before going inside and we heard lots of muffled "weee"s from under the scarves! In the afternoon, we got them half bundled and enjoyed a stroller ride. They stayed plenty warm but Sara kept taking a mitten off and saying "thumb" to sneak in a suck. It was a beautiful day. Only one side road was plowed and the rest were left snowed over. The only thing that gave it away was the snow all the way up to the red of the sign!

We hunkered down Wednesday and headed home safely Thursday afternoon. Lots of fun! Well, other than when Adam woke in the middle of the night two of the nights and I had to put him in bed with me...

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