Sunday, February 6, 2011


The kids love to run lately, especially Sara. I can just say "let's run" and she'll take off up and down the hall! She gets her arms pumping back and forth and swings her hips. Then when she gets to the end of the hall, she giggles and turns around to run back. Adam has times that he runs alone but sometimes he stops to get his CAT truck and then makes a vroom noise as he is pushing it, of course.

A great shot of how my twins run together sometimes. Lately they are so good about watching out for each other. If they are thirsty, one will get their cup for themselves and then pick up the other one to take it and share. If Sara wakes early and isn't in the room, Adam will stand up in his crib when he's awake and ask, "Sara?" as he's looking for her. I'm hoping we teach them to do life together for a very long time!

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