Saturday, February 5, 2011

Adam's first band-aid

We have been letting the kids roam around freely sometimes but the problem is that we need to childproof more in the areas they don't normally venture into. The other day Adam found our 12 pack case of empty pop cans waiting to go in the garage to be smashed. Just when Shannon saw him and said "put that back, you are going to cut yourself" he had blood dripping on the floor. Quite the challenge to hold a squirming boy while putting pressure on a bleeding thumb with a cold washcloth. Of course we don't have any child-size band-aids yet so I had to trim one to make it smaller. He was walking around the dining room saying "band-aid" and holding his thumb up. That novelty lasted all of 30 seconds and he wanted it off. We ended up having to use the Grandpa George trick and put chapstick on it to seal the cut and stop the bleeding.

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