Thursday, February 24, 2011

She peed!

Usually when Sara says she wants to go on the potty, I strip her down and as soon as she sits, she says "All done."

Not today!

I asked her 3 times just to make sure and every time she said yes.

I took off her pants and her diaper and lifted her onto the big potty seat. I shifted my attention to keeping Adam out of "trouble" and then I heard a noise in the toilet.

"Sara! You peed!"

"All done."

Way to go, big girl!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Make that 14

Adam has a matching set of eye teeth now on the top. Make that 14 for him...12 for Sara.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


The week before Christmas I started to wonder if our family might be expanding. I was a little "late", had been really tired, and seemed to be gaining a few pounds. Every night I thought about it as I laid in bed, wondering if there was a new little life growing inside of me...but I dismissed the thought. Why ask why if I wasn't sure yet? It was a little much to take in considering the pace of my life right now. The days went by and I was getting even "later". By the time I came home from Christmas travels on December 29, I was quite certain. The day after a home pregnancy test agreed and the day after that a blood draw at the doctor's office agreed again. 5 1/2 weeks. Due August 28.

I didn't really know what to do with the news about you at first. I was excited but I was a little overwhelmed. I was surprised. I was in shock. You were unexpected. I went to church on January 8 and had a great moment during a worship song. "I will sing a song of hope, sing along, God of heaven come down, heaven come down. Just to know that You are near is enough. God of heaven come down." 6 years we tried to get pregnant on our own and we were left with unanswered questions. Our third round of IVF helped us welcome twins into our family. And now, heaven came down and gave us a Christmas gift. That night, through my tears, I completely embraced you and couldn't wait to begin planning for your arrival.

Almost 8 weeks along and we were so excited to have our first doctor's appointment. And then our excitement turned to shock as we were told my sac was empty. You were gone. Maybe. Maybe it was too early to tell and you were small. The doctor said not to lose all hope. Come back in 2 weeks for another ultrasound to confirm or deny. As the day went along, I knew.

How could I be given a gift and then have it taken away? It just didn't make sense. I had to make a choice, though--either get stuck on that question running over in my head or accept that life is just hard sometimes. On January 16 I had another one of those defining moments with God. Part of a song came into my head..."You give and take away, but still I choose to say, blessed be Your name." Did I still believe that? Yes. I don't live my life on inconsistencies. If I am going to have faith, that means I have to do it even when it's hard.

I was thankful to have had that moment of accepting. Without that, I wouldn't have been able to bear the 15 hours I spent in the emergency room as my body fought letting you go. January 19.

Before we got to see you for the first time. Before we got to hear your heart beat. Before we even said hello, we said goodbye.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Goin' Commando...

It's getting to be pretty routine that I find Adam pantsless and sockless when he wakes from his afternoon nap!

Today, however, left me rolling with laughter. I heard Sara through the monitor repeating "diaper...diaper...diaper." That's odd. Why would she be saying diaper? She can't reach the diaper bin from her crib. Then I opened the door to find this...

If you can't tell from the picture, Adam has no socks on, no pants on, and Sara is holding his diaper. The blanket over the crib railing acts perfectly as a "privacy panel" for the photo. Look at his little legs crossed at the ankles!

After I stopped laughing enough to talk, I asked him to lift his shirt. He giggled and slowly lifted it up and flashed me!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Finally, another tooth

Adam's got #13 poking through. Upper right eye tooth. Just a little point hanging down.

I keep checking and checking on Sara...when she doesn't bite me. Little stinker. Over a month ago she had a few days that she didn't want any food in her mouth. She had a liquid diet. She wakes up from a nap drooling with fingers in her mouth. But still nothing. I hope it comes soon for her.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Our Valentine's Day started off with a little gift for all of us from Shannon. He surprised me by bringing home the latest issue of TV Guide, which is one of my favorites and I have been missing it. And for the kids? Balloons! They were so excited and played with them all day. It stuck to Sara's back this morning and she was chasing it around in circles. The rest of the day, she wanted me to stick it to her.

I am so thankful for my family. Whether your valentine is a spouse, a significant other, a family member, a friend...or your twin...lean in and give them a little kiss to celebrate the day!

New sunglasses and shoes

The kids got new sunglasses and new tennis shoes for Christmas. The other day it was really bright shining in the window with the snow so I got out their sunglasses so they could try them out. After I took the photo, I noticed Adam's shirt and it made me giggle - the colors even matched!

Sara loving the new sunglasses and sportin' the pony on top!

Friday night we had a pizza party with some NICU graduate families, as well as some current families. It was an opportunity for families in the middle of the difficult roller coaster ride to see there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Really neat to see their spirits lifted as they watched Adam and Sara play.

We put on our party clothes and I thought I would get out their new Puma tennis shoes to try on. The last time we went out, I had a really hard time getting their shoes on. They fit! Guess the shoes were hard to put on because they were getting small!

Make your own music

Sara proves in this video that sometimes you have to make your own music! You need to find something that makes music to fit the dance moves you are in the mood to express. Then you need to turn on your own music when it turns off. Sometimes if you can't hear your music, you have to pick it up and carry it around with you. Lastly, if you dance too hard, feel free to fall over and take a break!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Adam's new "cheese"

The kids seem to be fascinated with the camera. I'll take a picture and then they want to run around and see it in the preview window. Yesterday I took a picture of Sara and Adam looked at me and said "me." I asked him "you want me to take a picture of you?" He shook his head and said "es". I said "okay, how are you going to smile? Cheese..." This is what I got!

And then again...

And then later that night, again...


The kids love to run lately, especially Sara. I can just say "let's run" and she'll take off up and down the hall! She gets her arms pumping back and forth and swings her hips. Then when she gets to the end of the hall, she giggles and turns around to run back. Adam has times that he runs alone but sometimes he stops to get his CAT truck and then makes a vroom noise as he is pushing it, of course.

A great shot of how my twins run together sometimes. Lately they are so good about watching out for each other. If they are thirsty, one will get their cup for themselves and then pick up the other one to take it and share. If Sara wakes early and isn't in the room, Adam will stand up in his crib when he's awake and ask, "Sara?" as he's looking for her. I'm hoping we teach them to do life together for a very long time!

How old is he?

Do you ever snap a photo of your child and then view it on the big screen and stare at it in shock? This happened to me this week and is actually still happening every time I look at this picture of Adam. Ever since he was a baby, he has had an older look to him. You know how some babies just have that look. But in this photo, I think he aged a few years!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sara's first "pony"

Sara has been on a pony kick lately. Pony tails, that is. Not pretties, which are barrettes. Last week I would put in a pretty and she would fuss and say "pony". I put in a side pony tail a few days. Today she got a pony tail on top. Her hair is finally getting long enough that it flops over a little rather than just sticking straight up. A few days ago she got her first pony in the back. It was so cute and it made her look so old! It stuck straight out but she was so proud. She kept walking around feeling it and saying "pony, pony" over and over again.

I can't believe how big my baby girl is getting!

Weathering the storm in Wisconsin

My cousin's twin girls turned 5 on Tuesday and I didn't want to miss the pajama birthday party they were having that night. I packed extra clothes just in case for the kids and I and we headed to Lake Geneva a day early on Monday to beat the storm. The weather got worse at home before it did in Wisconsin so I was grateful that I left when I did. Things were clear Monday through Tuesday afternoon.

We had fun at the party Tuesday night and left to go back to my aunt's house as the snow was getting heavy. I was thankful to follow another cousin and her family back to Lake Geneva as road conditions and visibility were worsening. When we woke the next morning we saw about 20" of new snow on the ground.

Adam says the drift on the back deck was about this...high! 30" to be exact!

This is a view out the garage door, which leads to a patio that the squirrels usually enjoy breakfast on. I think one may have almost suffered a heart attack jumping through the snow to get to the food once the patio was cleared! The deer also had a hard time finding food as we saw them in the back yard in snow up to their bellies!

We couldn't resist bundling the kids up so they could see the big blizzard up close and personal.

Adam was fascinated by the snow blower...watcha doin' Uncle Paul?

He also tried to help my Aunt Robyn shovel. Sara preferred to stay back and just watch.

Snow higher than the kids!

They also enjoyed a sled ride down the street before going inside and we heard lots of muffled "weee"s from under the scarves! In the afternoon, we got them half bundled and enjoyed a stroller ride. They stayed plenty warm but Sara kept taking a mitten off and saying "thumb" to sneak in a suck. It was a beautiful day. Only one side road was plowed and the rest were left snowed over. The only thing that gave it away was the snow all the way up to the red of the sign!

We hunkered down Wednesday and headed home safely Thursday afternoon. Lots of fun! Well, other than when Adam woke in the middle of the night two of the nights and I had to put him in bed with me...

Bust a move

The kids are still on a minimal TV watching schedule. But when they do sneak some time in, what do they watch? Not Sesame Street. Not Dora. Not Barney. Not Thomas the Train.

Their favorite is Paula Abdul's new show "Live to Dance". The first time Shannon played a recording, they just stopped...mesmerized. A ballet dance came up and Sara wanted Shannon to lift her in the air like on TV. They lift their legs and stomp, spin around, mimic the hand movements, and groove to the music. Love music and love to dance!

Adam's first band-aid

We have been letting the kids roam around freely sometimes but the problem is that we need to childproof more in the areas they don't normally venture into. The other day Adam found our 12 pack case of empty pop cans waiting to go in the garage to be smashed. Just when Shannon saw him and said "put that back, you are going to cut yourself" he had blood dripping on the floor. Quite the challenge to hold a squirming boy while putting pressure on a bleeding thumb with a cold washcloth. Of course we don't have any child-size band-aids yet so I had to trim one to make it smaller. He was walking around the dining room saying "band-aid" and holding his thumb up. That novelty lasted all of 30 seconds and he wanted it off. We ended up having to use the Grandpa George trick and put chapstick on it to seal the cut and stop the bleeding.