Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wisconsin Sledding

My aunt has a built in sledding hill in her back yard with her septic system. Jordyn, Peyton, and Morgan came over and we all went out to give it a try. Sara noticed Peyton and Morgan had snow pants just like hers!

I'm not sure if Sara was cold or just not interested. She went down the hill once with Robyn and cried a little. She's always my daredevil going down the slide faster and head first and sideways. But today she preferred just to stand and watch or sit in my lap in the snow.

Adam, on the other hand...typically Mr. Cautious had a great time. I love this shot of his little hands in the air.

And then...she sent him down the hill by himself as I waited at the bottom thinking, 'I'm not sure he's ready for this.' You can tell by the look on his face he's wondering the same thing. He made it to the bottom. Granted he didn't volunteer to go again without the feeling of someone holding him but he didn't get upset.

What a pile to clean up of snow clothes for 5 kids and 2 adults!

Sara's post sledding activity. Wouldn't you love to be snuggled up in a down blanket, too?

Here is video of Adam enjoying a run down the hill with a crash landing at the bottom. I think he thought that was the best part!

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