Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sharing a crib again

The kids woke from afternoon nap a few days ago. Of course, the dog decided she had to go to the bathroom at the same time. So I put Sara in Adam's bed hoping that would keep her happy for a few minutes. She was so happy that when I came back, she didn't want to get out. She laid down next to Adam and said ni-nite. Funny to look at this picture and see them snuggled next to each other. Look at the comparison to just over a year ago...most days Adam's favorite sleep position is still face down, legs tucked into his tummy, and his but in the air.

Then I had the idea to have them peek between the slats of the crib. I thought it would be cute. It took me a minute to get them to understand what I wanted them to do. I pointed to where I wanted Adam to peek and he put his face there, then I pointed to where I wanted Sara to peek. By the time Sara made it to her spot, Adam had moved. I finally got them both to their spots and quickly snapped the photo. Excited to see the end result, I looked into the camera's display only to find the most pathetic looking faces. You would think I had left them in there all day. They really were having fun just moments earlier, I promise!

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