Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Random Videos

This cracks me up. I started trying to shoot video of Sara. For a few days she had been taking a little blanket or diaper cloth and taking extra care to smooth out all the corners on the floor. Then she would lay her head down on it, put her thumb in, and say ni-nite. Today she decided to stand on it. The funny part came when Adam came behind me and said 'baby' because he saw Sara in the view window of the camera. Sara heard him and excitedly came over to see the baby, too. She just didn't realize that she was the baby he was referring to.

For some reason when they woke up from naps a few weeks ago, Sara wanted to play in Adam's crib.

Toddlers learning to talk can be quite comical. We work on lots of words lately, some more difficult than others. Sara tried her hand at "strawberry" the other day and didn't do too bad. I couldn't resist taping Adam's effort with "vanilla" when we were eating vanilla pudding. I'm not sure how many l's he got in there!

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Jenny said...

Love the videos! Can't believe how much they are growing:)