Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Another Christmas present arrived last week - the kids got a playhouse! My mom fell in love with them when she drove by the IGA in Eureka. It was a difficult decision picking the size and design. We caught a nice break in the weather for delivery when the rain melted the snow and then the cold temperatures froze the ground before the snow came back.

They are unloading it off their trailer on the road.

It came just as we were finishing breakfast and I had been telling the kids all morning that they were getting a house. When I saw the truck arrive, I got them out of their high chairs and went to get winter coats. They were running through the dining room, peeking out the front door, saying "house, house!"

He put wheels under it and then had this strange motorized contraption that pushed it all the way down the driveway and set it in place where I wanted it.

Here's a good shot of his machine. To me, it looked like a big roto-tiller. Then it had an adjustable arm with a pad for bracing at the top.

The kids weren't too sure what to think when they walked in their roomy 12x12 new house complete with functional windows and a front porch for lawn chairs.

It's in place and ready to go. We haven't played in it yet as the temperatures haven't been above 30 but the first opportunity we get, I'll take them out and show them around. It's angled nicely so we can see it from the kitchen window, as well as the dining room/outdoor deck. I work for a landscape company, Designer Concepts Landscape Architecture, so Ryan is working on a landscape design to incorporate a sand box and future playground/swingset. Lots of summer fun ahead!

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