Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas in Wisconsin

We got on the road early Christmas morning to travel the 4 hours to Wisconsin. I was thankful the kids woke up easily around 6. It was slow going at first until we hit the main roads. At one point, I remember seeing a sign that said "Slow moving traffic keep right". That really confused me because we were on a 2 lane road. Then I figured out there was another lane that was completely snow covered!

We arrived in time for the kids to play a little and walk off their car seat time before the mass of people arrived - 16 adults and 12 kids this year. Somehow we try to maintain some semblance of order with gift opening but I think the kids would rather just have a free for all!

The biggest challenge was when Sara saw someone else's gift that she wanted to carry around. It took some convincing to let her have it for a few minutes when they wanted to enjoy something brand new.

Here's Sara enjoying her new Puma tennis shoes. Adam was overjoyed to get a pair just like them with black/silver accents. If you know Adam, you know he LOVES shoes! They also got some books, cars, a dolly, socks, bath towels and tub toys, and a pop up puppy tent. I didn't get a great shot of Adam with his gifts - he was too quick to hold still for the camera!

Mollenhauer family Christmas picture 2011.

Shannon left to return home on Sunday so he could pick up Ivy from the kennel and I stayed behind with the kids until Wednesday to have some time with my family. We spent time shopping and had another get together for an appetizer party at my cousin's.

This little worm was one of the toys my aunt dug out. Adam can almost reach with his tip toes to pedal along but he likes to exercise extreme caution and thought it was safer to sit on his neck instead. Sara followed suit and occupied the back half.

One of their daily activities that they enjoyed was watching out the back door at the squirrels eating corn. Sometimes as many as 6 would arrive for breakfast and then they would have a round of tag before scampering off somewhere for a morning nap.

The kids did really well being gone from home so long. They didn't nap very well during the day but at least they slept through the entire night. Early morning wake up calls, but that was okay. Adam's word he learned while we were gone was "back" as in...Adam put that back. Sara's big new word? "Morning"

As for me, it's always like a time warp being gone that long. I forget the things that I left laying around and hoped some kind of magic fairy would have appeared and taken care of those things for me. Then I had a mountain of mail, bills to pay, laundry to catch up on, and bags of presents to unpack. I think we are still trying to get settled in since I was hit with a sinus infection last week.

Hope you enjoyed your holidays celebrating with family, as well.

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