Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas in Iowa

I know, it's been a while. Things have been a little crazy at the Mollenhauer household lately and that means it's all about prioritizing. I've finally knocked enough off the list that I can get to updating the blog.

Christmas for us was extended time away, which started in Iowa. The kids and I left on Tuesday morning to stay with Shannon's parents for a few days before Shannon joined us to celebrate Christmas. The kids liked lounging in their new chairs that were waiting for them.

Between meals out for pizza and steak, they had fun play time in a tent and tunnel. I was surprised Adam would crawl through because the last time we went to open tumbling, he wasn't interested. Sara would get frustrated when she started going through and then Adam came from the other end. She would say "no, no, no" and back out to wait for him to exit.

Shannon joined us Thursday night and beat the snow. It snowed all night Thursday night, and all day Friday, the day before Christmas. The kids liked looking out the window at the birds and all the snow. Shannon and I were trying to figure out if the 9" were going to keep us from our next Christmas destination to celebrate with my family in Wisconsin on Christmas day. Thanks to Grandpa George's Bobcat, he was able to clear the long drive.

The kids definitely understood what presents were and that they were supposed to open them. It took Sara longer than Adam. And they thought they should open all the presents, even the ones that weren't theirs.

Sara got this baby doll. She about had a fit when Shannon couldn't get the box open fast enough to rescue her from all the zip ties holding her down. It didn't take us long to hide the hat, which would fall off every 30 seconds and Sara would request again "hat." It still amazes me to watch her with this doll. She wraps it in a blanket, carries it around, pats it on the back and rocks it while saying "shhhhh". How did she learn that? 21 months and already signs of a great mama to be!

Adam liked the new car he got. Lots of buttons to push. He quickly found the horn and hasn't grown tired of pushing it over and over and over and over again.

The kids also got some clothes, new sunglasses, and some puzzles. Adam also liked carrying around the soap dispensers I got and helping Shannon take all the drawers out of a garage organizer unit.

How can you finish Christmas off without pie? It took Adam about 2 minutes to devour his, scooping up all the whipped cream in one handful. For some reason, Sara decided she had to bend down and lick her piece while taking bites without picking it up off the plate. Future pie eating contest champion in the making! She'll have to improve on her time, though...10 minutes just doesn't get you in the top bracket.

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