Saturday, January 29, 2011

And we have #2

Another success for Adam today. He said he needed to poop and confirmed he wanted to do it on the big potty. I was skeptical but hey, we'll do what he asks in this case. Sara was distracting him for a bit but he might have to get used to that for a while. Then he said he was all done and wanted to get down. Nothing in the potty. That's okay, he still told us and tried. He flushed the toilet and stood on the stool to wash his hands with Shannon. Then I went to put his diaper on and out dropped a teeny little nugget that was hiding between his cheeks. So he did go after all!

I'm really proud of Adam that we really haven't worked on potty training at all but he is showing good first steps of telling us he has to go. At this point, I think they are a little young so I am letting them lead and if they want to go, we try, but I'm not forcing the issue.

As a side note, this really isn't something I'm comfortable talking about, but it seems appropriate to celebrate the first. It's another step toward getting our kids to be functioning members of society, or at least accepted into activities that require the wearing of panties instead of diapers.

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Jenny said...

Way to go Adam!!