Friday, January 28, 2011

Adam peed!

I can't believe it and it was totally a fluke but Adam peed on the big potty tonight! We were getting ready to put jammies on and he said "potty." I asked him "you want to go potty on the big boy potty?" He shook his head and said "yes." We walked in the bathroom and he pointed and said "heater." "No, we aren't turning the heater's not bath night. Do you want to sit on the big potty?" He said, "Noooo". He tried the heater discussion again. I asked one last time about the potty and he said "Yes" so we stripped down. He sat there, dangling his legs, and watching Sara walk in and out of the bathroom. Then he tooted and cracked up laughing...and said he was all done. I helped him down and the front of the training potty seat was wet! We celebrated his very first potty in the big boy potty!

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