Thursday, December 9, 2010

Twins Christmas Party

I have never seen Sara get up from a nap so quickly as when I asked her last Saturday, "Do you want to go to a party?" With all the snow, our plans for the day changed so we decided to take the kids to the annual twins group kids Christmas party at a local church.

It gave the kids a chance to see other kids their size and burn off some energy. They had a cookie for a snack, which they just wanted to eat the icing off. Then they spent some time coloring. Of course, they found this little chair and Sara had to sit in it while Adam pushed her around.

They took in the Christmas tree...

And then when it was time to take a picture with Santa, they had a death grip around our necks. No way were they going to sit in that man's lap! Even the beard was real! We took a family photo instead. Mrs. Claus was nice enough to take 2 photos. The first Sara wasn't looking and the second Adam wasn't looking. Typical!

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