Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I felt like Adam saying "Touchdown" needed it's own post! Like most mothers, I tried raising the kids' hands in the air and saying "So big!" It was a chore getting Sara to do it and Adam was an even bigger struggle. We weren't sure if it was related to his tone at the time but he would lock his arms absolutely tight and not want to raise them. I didn't really worry about it. I think Shannon decided "So big" was a little lame so instead he and Adam would say "Touchdown!" Every now and then we would throw "Colts" on the end, especially if it was football season or Shannon was wearing his Colts hat. Sometime last week Adam was reading a book and kept repeating a word over and over that we couldn't figure out. We looked at the book and what he was pointing at. There was a roller coaster in the book with kids riding on it, raising their hands in the air. Shannon said, "He's saying 'touchdown!'" Sure enough. Now we hear it coming from the monitor when he wakes up. And it's his main phrase for praising himself. Sometimes he still claps for himself, but if he knows he accomplished something (putting his blankie back in bed, putting a puzzle piece in appropriately, stacking a block), instead he raises his hands and gives himself a "touchdown!"

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