Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sliding and swinging

The kids received this little playground set from my aunt for their birthday last April. They really loved it but weren't coordinated enough for me to trust them alone with it at the time. So we moved it into the dining room and had supervised time on it. Thanksgiving day, we moved it back into the living room to see how they would do. The timing was perfect for their skill level. They can climb the rock wall in the back and don't tumble off the top. They get into the swing by themselves and then reach up and give themselves a push. And they absolutely love going down the slide. They climb on it together, laugh and play, and crawl underneath to play peek.

It works great to occupy their time and give them something to burn off energy now that the cold weather has hit in full force.

Adam was a little hesitant at first - he wouldn't go down the slide without someone holding his hand and he would say "help". Sara - forget it, she's all in. My little daredevil. She could fly off the side of the slide on her way down and get back up laughing. I know this because I've seen it!

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