Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Night terrors and raisins

I think I'm still recovering from last Friday night. Or early Saturday morning I guess you could say. I should do some reading on it but I'm pretty sure Sara struggles with night terrors sometimes or at least very vivid dreams. She woke up at 2:30am screaming. I could tell she wasn't really awake when I went in her room because she didn't stand up in her crib to be picked up. So I walked out and stood in the hall. She was quiet for a little bit. Then she cried again. I went in and rubbed her tummy--that was all I could reach as she was laying against the back. She pushed my hand away and got quiet. It's a challenge sometimes trying to figure out whether or not she needs/wants to be picked up. I had already let her cry for a while and she wasn't calming down. She finally woke enough to stand and we moved to the living room to rock.

She nestled right in and I thought she would quickly fall back asleep but she tossed and turned and seemed like she couldn't get comfortable. Usually she doesn't sleep well on the couch because she thinks it's a game to play on the couch. We gave it a try. She was quiet for a bit but not really. Sucking on her thumb pretty hard, I asked if she needed a snack. Adam usually responds fairly clear when you ask him but Sara can just look at you. I asked again, "Do you need a snack?" Nothing. "Do you need some cheese?" She popped upright. Okay, that must be a sign of something.

We wandered out to the kitchen and blinded ourselves by the refrigerator light, at which point she decided cheese is not what she wanted. I noticed the clock on the microwave - 4am. Ugh. Back in the dark, I tried plan B. "Raisins?" An excited response. Okay, raisins it is. She sat in my lap at the kitchen table feeling around in the dark to get handfuls of raisins out of the palm of my hand. Of course she can't take just one or two, but has to work until she gets the entire handful and then cram them all in her mouth.

10 minutes later I explained we were all done with snack and it was ni-nite time. I was going to put her in Sara's bed for ni-nite and mama was very tired so she was going ni-nite in her bed. Outside her room, I asked for a ni-nite kiss and successfully received one, laid her in her crib and walked out. Silence. Whew.

4:35 and she's crying again. That 25 minutes of sleep just didn't do me. I feel so bad for her when she has these dreams. I brought her in bed with me. I have never had her fall asleep in bed because there are too many things to play with--push the buttons on the clock, pick up the baby monitor, shake Shannon's eye drop container--but I was so exhausted I thought I would give it a try. Shannon was sleeping upstairs because he was sick. And she really didn't seem awake. She tried to get up once and I told her it wasn't time to play and if she got up we would have to leave mama's bed. She laid back down and fell asleep. 3 more times in the next hour she woke up crying. Then at 6 I heard her talking in her sleep and saying "no" before finally sleeping sound from 6-7.

Thankfully, we all napped from 10-12 but it was still a pretty laid back day.

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