Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sick again

Great. Just when we had a few weeks in the clear.

Shannon has had a cold for about a week so I guess it was inevitable.

Adam's cough started back up a few days ago so I resumed the breathing treatments.

Sara woke at 2:30am last night coughing. We snuggled on the couch all night. She was running a fever this morning and Adam's got a stuffy nose.

I can feel it starting in my throat.

Go away!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I felt like Adam saying "Touchdown" needed it's own post! Like most mothers, I tried raising the kids' hands in the air and saying "So big!" It was a chore getting Sara to do it and Adam was an even bigger struggle. We weren't sure if it was related to his tone at the time but he would lock his arms absolutely tight and not want to raise them. I didn't really worry about it. I think Shannon decided "So big" was a little lame so instead he and Adam would say "Touchdown!" Every now and then we would throw "Colts" on the end, especially if it was football season or Shannon was wearing his Colts hat. Sometime last week Adam was reading a book and kept repeating a word over and over that we couldn't figure out. We looked at the book and what he was pointing at. There was a roller coaster in the book with kids riding on it, raising their hands in the air. Shannon said, "He's saying 'touchdown!'" Sure enough. Now we hear it coming from the monitor when he wakes up. And it's his main phrase for praising himself. Sometimes he still claps for himself, but if he knows he accomplished something (putting his blankie back in bed, putting a puzzle piece in appropriately, stacking a block), instead he raises his hands and gives himself a "touchdown!"

Talking up a storm

It seems like the kids' vocabulary has just exploded in the past 2 weeks. They try to say everything. Most doctors or speech therapists say that by the time they are 2 they should be saying 50-70 words, half of which are understandable by someone who isn't around them all the time, and putting 2-3 word phrases together. I think we've made that goal! Adam is usually a little chattier than Sara, even though they say girls usually win over boys.

The 2 words phrases I have heard is "Mom help" and "Dad home".

I'm not going to continue counting how many words they know but the next time someone asks me, 'are they saying at least 50 words?' I can say YES!

  1. Mama
  2. Dada
  3. Puppy
  4. Ivy
  5. Woof
  6. Meow
  7. Squeak
  8. Moo
  9. Roar
  10. Frog
  11. Bug
  12. Spider
  13. Bunny
  14. Duck
  15. Quack
  16. Tiger
  17. Eye
  18. Nose
  19. Hair
  20. Hat
  21. Coat
  22. Sock
  23. Shoe
  24. Shirt
  25. Toes
  26. Foot
  27. Blankie
  28. Baby
  29. Bubble
  30. Clock
  31. Cracker
  32. Cheese
  33. Pie
  34. Cake
  35. Hi
  36. Bye
  37. Home
  38. Pen
  39. Milk
  40. Book
  41. One
  42. Two
  43. Three
  44. Four
  45. Ni-nite
  46. No
  47. Yes
  48. Potty
  49. Poop
  50. Bib
  51. Toast
  52. Pizza
  53. Na na (Banana)
  54. Snack
  55. Am (Adam)
  56. Sa (Sara)
  57. Slide
  58. Puzzle
  59. Medicine
  60. Block
  61. Snow
  62. Help
  63. Play
  64. Truck
  65. Bag
  66. Pretty
  67. Rock (rocking chair)
  68. Light
  69. Ball
  70. Done
  71. Down
  72. Boo
  73. Moon
  74. Star
  75. Tree
  76. Touchdown!

Night terrors and raisins

I think I'm still recovering from last Friday night. Or early Saturday morning I guess you could say. I should do some reading on it but I'm pretty sure Sara struggles with night terrors sometimes or at least very vivid dreams. She woke up at 2:30am screaming. I could tell she wasn't really awake when I went in her room because she didn't stand up in her crib to be picked up. So I walked out and stood in the hall. She was quiet for a little bit. Then she cried again. I went in and rubbed her tummy--that was all I could reach as she was laying against the back. She pushed my hand away and got quiet. It's a challenge sometimes trying to figure out whether or not she needs/wants to be picked up. I had already let her cry for a while and she wasn't calming down. She finally woke enough to stand and we moved to the living room to rock.

She nestled right in and I thought she would quickly fall back asleep but she tossed and turned and seemed like she couldn't get comfortable. Usually she doesn't sleep well on the couch because she thinks it's a game to play on the couch. We gave it a try. She was quiet for a bit but not really. Sucking on her thumb pretty hard, I asked if she needed a snack. Adam usually responds fairly clear when you ask him but Sara can just look at you. I asked again, "Do you need a snack?" Nothing. "Do you need some cheese?" She popped upright. Okay, that must be a sign of something.

We wandered out to the kitchen and blinded ourselves by the refrigerator light, at which point she decided cheese is not what she wanted. I noticed the clock on the microwave - 4am. Ugh. Back in the dark, I tried plan B. "Raisins?" An excited response. Okay, raisins it is. She sat in my lap at the kitchen table feeling around in the dark to get handfuls of raisins out of the palm of my hand. Of course she can't take just one or two, but has to work until she gets the entire handful and then cram them all in her mouth.

10 minutes later I explained we were all done with snack and it was ni-nite time. I was going to put her in Sara's bed for ni-nite and mama was very tired so she was going ni-nite in her bed. Outside her room, I asked for a ni-nite kiss and successfully received one, laid her in her crib and walked out. Silence. Whew.

4:35 and she's crying again. That 25 minutes of sleep just didn't do me. I feel so bad for her when she has these dreams. I brought her in bed with me. I have never had her fall asleep in bed because there are too many things to play with--push the buttons on the clock, pick up the baby monitor, shake Shannon's eye drop container--but I was so exhausted I thought I would give it a try. Shannon was sleeping upstairs because he was sick. And she really didn't seem awake. She tried to get up once and I told her it wasn't time to play and if she got up we would have to leave mama's bed. She laid back down and fell asleep. 3 more times in the next hour she woke up crying. Then at 6 I heard her talking in her sleep and saying "no" before finally sleeping sound from 6-7.

Thankfully, we all napped from 10-12 but it was still a pretty laid back day.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Watch out ladies!

I have been trying to teach the kids to wink...Adam has found some success!


I wonder if I should start a tally of how many times I post about pie!

I made a new twist on a pumpkin pie the other night - it had a cream cheese layer on the bottom. Shannon decided it would be their bedtime snack. When Sara heard she was having pie for snack, she was wandering around the leaving repeating over and over in the sweetest little voice "pie...pie...pie...pie." I think she is the only person I've heard who makes pie a 2 syllable word! You have to listen closely at first because she is saying it so quiet.

This is her post-pie sugar rush!


Sara kept saying this word over and over at dinner, pointing. I had a hard time figuring out what word it was until I looked at what she was pointing at.

Potty chairs

Last week Adam started a new thing in the morning as I was changing his diaper. I would take the nighttime diaper off and go to put the new one on and he would say "no" and push the diaper away. Interesting. You don't want a diaper on? "No." After a few days of that, he started telling me when he would poop. Recently he has even had a time or two when he would tell me before he did it. So I brought some little potty chairs down from upstairs just to get the kids introduced to them. They were very excited about their potty chairs. They moved them to exactly where they wanted them in the bathroom. After sitting on them in the bathroom for about 15 minutes, I asked if they were done. Sara said "no". Since we were just trying them out with their clothes on, I tried to tell her we were all done with the potty and opened the bathroom door. She leaned forward from her potty and shut the door!

About once a day I take off their diaper and let them sit on the potty until they say they are done. It doesn't last long but at least they are getting used to the idea.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Let's play in the snow!

After the big snow storm last weekend, we couldn't pass up our opportunity to play in the snow for the first time. This is one of the things I underestimated how big the undertaking would be. I got both their snow pants on and they had fun walking around the living room listening to the swish, swish, swish. Then it was time for boots. Good, Lord, why didn't someone warn me? How do you figure out if a small child's foot is all the way down in a boot? I would think I had it and then Sara would stand up and the boot would fold over sideways so apparently I didn't. I finally had to take Adam's boot lining out because no matter how hard I tried I could not get his foot in there. Maybe you are supposed to buy a size big if there is a lining. Sara's were a size big and even hers were hard. I finished bundling them up and quickly got myself dressed before they overheated. Shannon was getting the sleds blown up.

Adam decided to venture out into the deep snow.

The biggest challenge was getting them to keep their mittens on.

Surprisingly, Adam enjoyed this fast ride with Dad.

Sara's biggest struggle was staying upright. And once she'd fall over, getting back upright.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Twins Christmas Party

I have never seen Sara get up from a nap so quickly as when I asked her last Saturday, "Do you want to go to a party?" With all the snow, our plans for the day changed so we decided to take the kids to the annual twins group kids Christmas party at a local church.

It gave the kids a chance to see other kids their size and burn off some energy. They had a cookie for a snack, which they just wanted to eat the icing off. Then they spent some time coloring. Of course, they found this little chair and Sara had to sit in it while Adam pushed her around.

They took in the Christmas tree...

And then when it was time to take a picture with Santa, they had a death grip around our necks. No way were they going to sit in that man's lap! Even the beard was real! We took a family photo instead. Mrs. Claus was nice enough to take 2 photos. The first Sara wasn't looking and the second Adam wasn't looking. Typical!

The first snow of the year

Last weekend we had our first snow of the year. It started Friday afternoon and we woke up Saturday morning with about 5 beautiful inches. It was so much fun watching the kids look out the window, point, and say "SNOW!"

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Listening in

I was making breakfast a few days ago and it seemed a little too quiet. I snuck up on them and this is what I found...

They had pulled both blankets off the couch, drug them across the living room, and laid them on the floor in front of our bedroom doors. Then they were just laying there kicking their legs up and down, rolling over, etc.

It's so funny to watch what's going on in their minds...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


These are the crib contents I find a lot of times at the end of nap time. Would you like to guess who's is whose?

Crib #1 - contents...nothing
Crib #2 - contents...2 blankets, 2 animal blankies, and 3 stuffed animal bunnies.

Sara is Crib #1. She throws all her stuff over to Adam's crib and he gladly accepts it all!

Sliding and swinging

The kids received this little playground set from my aunt for their birthday last April. They really loved it but weren't coordinated enough for me to trust them alone with it at the time. So we moved it into the dining room and had supervised time on it. Thanksgiving day, we moved it back into the living room to see how they would do. The timing was perfect for their skill level. They can climb the rock wall in the back and don't tumble off the top. They get into the swing by themselves and then reach up and give themselves a push. And they absolutely love going down the slide. They climb on it together, laugh and play, and crawl underneath to play peek.

It works great to occupy their time and give them something to burn off energy now that the cold weather has hit in full force.

Adam was a little hesitant at first - he wouldn't go down the slide without someone holding his hand and he would say "help". Sara - forget it, she's all in. My little daredevil. She could fly off the side of the slide on her way down and get back up laughing. I know this because I've seen it!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yo yo yo

This one goes out to all Adam & Sara's "homey's"...what up?! Feel free to come hang out in our crib sometime!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving leftovers

We were all set to head to Iowa for Thanksgiving to visit Shannon's parents when his mom came down with a terrible chest cold. We stayed home instead. Thanksgiving Eve the kids decided to be awake in the middle of the night so we had cheese and crackers at 2:30am. We all slept in a little and I made pancakes. I thought they would nap quite a while after breakfast but they decided they wanted to watch the last half hour of the parade. They loved the music and danced around the living room. Then the real excitement came - the National Dog Show! They pulled their little rocking chairs to the center of the room and kept saying "woof woof woof woof"!

Although we didn't have anything fancy to eat or special to do, it was nice to spend a day down as a family. We haven't had that in a while.

A few days later, my mom came to visit and brought some pumpkin pie leftovers from my aunt Robyn. The kids seemed to really enjoy it...I think they had a little pie with their Cool Whip!

Need help with swiffing?

Adam is showing his skills to help with household chores. Give him a swiffer and he can stay busy for quite some time. He might not get in the corners but he covers the high traffic areas pretty well! For hire at $12/hr. but we do have to abide by the child labor laws!