Monday, November 22, 2010

Updated tooth tally

I haven't posted an updated tooth count in a while. They are finally tied again with 12. Sara finally had both first molars break through on top about a week ago. So they have all four in front on the top and bottom, then a space for the canines which should come next, then all the first molars on top and bottom, and a space in back for their second molars which probably won't come until sometime in their 2nd year of life.

I wonder if the top molars coming in are still bothering Sara a little or if she has some canine teeth not far off. She has been sucking her thumb a lot lately and she seems to suck it more if she's hungry, tired, or in a little discomfort. You can rule out tired and hungry when she's sucking it all some point those are taken care of.

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