Saturday, November 6, 2010


Wednesday night Adam woke at 2:50am. I spent time unpacking my bag of tricks with him until 4:30. Shannon took over and got him back in bed at 6. Sara then woke at 6:30 for the day.

Thursday night we cut a break and they slept all night.

Last night Adam never fell asleep. That's not quite true. I had him rocked to sleep around 9 and safely put back in bed. Until I opened the bedroom door to leave and the light from the living room woke him up. Shannon tried for the next hour. After that I got creative and set up the pack n play next to our bed thinking it would calm him to sleep next to me instead of needing to be held. At 10:15 when we were going to give it a try, Sara woke up. Unfortunately, her cold advanced very quickly and is much worse than Adam's. Her nose runs like water during the day and is stuffed at night. She hasn't napped or slept well and she has a terrible cough from all the drainage. Thankfully, the pediatrician gave us an adjusted dose of Dimetapp to try so that his helping as best it can. Around 11 things got pretty ugly. Adam was screaming crying no matter what I did. I think he was so exhausted at that point he was mad at everything. Sara couldn't hardly keep her eyes open so I rocked her to sleep while Shannon tried to figure something out with Adam. I finally got Sara back in bed around midnight and Shannon was successful with Adam not long after.

They didn't nap much today but went down easy tonight. We're praying for an bed that is!

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Clargoins said...

I so feel your pain. Our girls both have terrible colds and their sleep has been so on and off it's exhausting.

I pray everything gets better soon!!