Wednesday, November 3, 2010


After last night's bedtime ordeal, I think I might retract my earlier post about easy shots. Maybe I spoke too soon. I would rather have had some screaming kids for 5 minutes at the clinic instead of what we went through last night.

It might have helped if they took an afternoon nap instead of laying in bed talking to each other. But that's how it goes some days. Sara tells Adam stories about her stuffed animal bunny she sleeps with. Adam tells Sara stories about the puppy dog blankie he sleeps with. They toss them over the side to see which one might be able to fly. Anyway...

Last night was a bit of a struggle anyway because Shannon didn't get home until late, pajama time for the kids. So fixing dinner, cleanup, taking care of the dog, and pajamas was all on me when that is usually a shared duty. They were saying ni-nite extra early but snack time took extra long as they kept saying they were still hungry. Finally at 7:45 we put them to bed. And they screamed right away. And they kept screaming. We tried all the tricks we knew. At 10:00 I finally resorted to rocking them both at the same time. Adam climbed down and let Sara get sleepy enough to lay her in her crib. Then I rocked Adam for about 5 minutes and he was totally out, snoring in my arms. 10:15. Over a two hour process.

Fast asleep in bed, I heard that screaming again. 3:15. Sara. Sometimes she calms herself down. Not tonight and she woke up Adam. Shannon and I were tag teaming again trying everything. Just when they would fall asleep we would lay them down and they would wake up. I finally told Shannon to go to bed at 4:30. I got Sara quiet in her crib but Adam would start to calm down and then scream again. Thankfully when I left the room with him Sara didn't wake up. I cleared his nose, gave him more Tylenol, found another blankie, and tried our luck on the couch at 5:10. He fell asleep laying against me and I laid him down in his crib and dragged myself to bed.



I think we both feel like we've been run over.

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