Monday, November 8, 2010


About 2 weeks ago the kids were playing in the living room while I was making breakfast. Shannon and I heard a strange jingling noise. When walking back into the living room, we found Adam on the other side of the footstool. The jingling? The container of dog toys. We asked him how he got there but he just smiled. Up until this point, the couch/footstool combination blocked the back corner of the living room where we had "forbidden things" stored...the stereo, CDs, etc.

I found him over there 3 more times over the next few days before catching him on video. I was certainly curious to see how he did it because he made no noise and didn't fall. I think he had just studied the layout long enough and had been waiting for his height to get to the point that he could try his plan.

Just swing a leg and roll...

After we put the kids to bed for the night, Shannon and I had some work to do. We decided rather than having that area forbidden, which makes them want to be back there more, we would open up the access and make it safe. All CDs were put away and we made a little fortress around the stereo. Since they love to push buttons right now, I unplugged it until they leave it alone more. Otherwise we had the on, off, on, off, on, off madness going.

Behind the couch is now one of their favorite hiding places. I often find Sara back there waiting. There was one morning I actually snuck up on her and peeked over the top of the couch. Then I watched her quietly walk back and forth to each end, looking around the corner to find me. When I started laughing, she looked up and started giggling, too. So much fun!

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