Friday, November 19, 2010

Raspberries and donuts

No, not raspberry donuts. Although I must say I enjoy a good raspberry filled jelly donut from time to time.

Raspberries. We haven't had them for a while. They are really expensive so it's more like a treat. The kids have discovered they fit on your fingers really well for eating! Reminds me of my cousin Ann and her olives at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Except raspberries are WAY better than olives.

And little powdered sugared donettes. Who doesn't love a good, fresh donette? With powdered sugar-coated mouth and hands, Adam is giving the sign language signal for "more"! Actually, he is supposed to be touching his fingers together but he has made his own adaptation by using his knuckles. We still get what he means.

Teaching the kids a few signs has come in handy the past number of months. I had worked with them for a long time when they were babies but they didn't seem to catch on so I gave up. Sometime over the summer, I asked Sara at lunch if she wanted more and she put her hands together to tell me. Out of the blue. It amazes me how much like a sponge they are right now. The ones they use most are more, all done, and thirsty. I've also worked on hungry and ni-nite. But when they say ni-nite and walk to their room, it's pretty self explanatory. The past few days when they are pointing to something and grunting at meal time, I've said 'Sara tell me with your hands' and then she will sign it.

Sara is showing us her empty hand that she would like filled with the same thing that's in the left.

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Jenny said...

Teaching sign has been great for Owen too! I was about ready to give up and he started signing more as well....amazing:)