Sunday, November 28, 2010

Finally better

Finally. Adam is 95% better. I am very thankful for the breathing treatments and how quickly they helped dissipate his cough. We've had 3 nights now that he has only coughed once in the middle of the night and it hasn't woken him up. Sometimes he still gets a tickle enough that it causes him to gag and spit up a little. Vastly improved, though.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

X-rays and breathing treatments

Another week had passed with Adam's cough so I called the pediatrician again on Monday to update him. His cough is still as bad but it seems to be more of a dry, hacking cough now. Still no fever, which is good because that rules out many things. Dr. Neese had us come in yesterday morning for a breathing treatment with a nebulizer. A small hose is attached to a machine, the other end attached to a container holding the medicine and a mouthpiece device. The machine converts the medicine to a vapor, which is inhaled through the nose or if Adam chooses, he can put his mouth on the mouthpiece and breathe it in directly. The process takes about 10 minutes. He was very good for his first administration - a new toy to a 20 month old is so very intriguing! He put his mouth on it quite a bit and I think it made him feel better. When we were done and he had a coughing fit, he pointed to the machine like he wanted to do it again.

Dr. Neese was still perplexed. I told him I don't want to be one of those nagging moms but on the other hand, I want to call at the appropriate times. He assured me that I was doing fine and he wasn't happy with Adam not getting better. All signs indicate he should be improving by now. He called in another doctor to trade opinions on the situation. He even paid me a really nice compliment when she entered by saying, "Now let her tell you what's been going on--she's the calmest mom of twins you'll ever meet." The doctors decided to err on the side of caution and send Adam for a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia or something else more serious. With the holiday coming up and his office being closed Thursday and Friday, they felt like they couldn't monitor him as closely.

So off we went to Saint Francis. We arrived just before 11:30 and took advantage of their valet parking. For over an hour we went through the process of being passed from waiting room to waiting room. The last one we sat in by ourselves for 40 minutes with no one to update us on how long it would be. I was very thankful Shannon stayed home with Sara but I also had a boy who was tired and hungry and running low on patience. They finally took us back and were amazed at how still he laid on the table for the first shot. She had a hard time figuring out when he was breathing so she could push the button for the x-ray. Usually kids are screaming so it's easy to tell. That was short-lived, though, as the novelty had worn off and he was tired of being messed with. I had to come out of the protective booth for the 2nd film and wear the heavy apron to help hold him down. We waited a bit longer while a pediatric technician made sure the films were readable. Another 15 minutes of waiting for our car to be retrieved from valet parking and we were on our way. Adam was asleep before we hit the interstate. I wondered how long it would last with skipping a meal but I guess we wore him out as it was quiet in the nursery from 1:30 when I laid him down to 5:15 when I woke him for dinner. Even Sara took a long 3 hour nap.

I spoke with Dr. Neese last night and the x-ray results are clear. I borrowed a nebulizer machine from a friend to use at home. We are to administer treatments every 4-6 hours for a few days and then we should be able to skip some. He only woke once last night with a coughing fit. It was a little hard getting him to sleep because the medicine makes him shaky and his heart race. In hindsight, we should have done it a little earlier so it gave him time to calm down. This morning was more of a challenge. Shannon wasn't home so I'm trying to hold Adam, hold the device, keep him from pulling on the hose, keep him from sliding off my lap when he's saying 'down', and keep Sara from pulling on the hose, too!

I think at this point I am in agreement with Madelon's mom--preemie lungs. Madelon has the same thing in the winter and they have to do breathing treatments when she gets a cough. While the kids look perfectly fine at this point and are developmentally nearly caught up, their lungs are still quite behind. Anything related to the chest just hits them harder.

We are all just ready for Adam's cough to be gone. Soon, I hope, before the week is over.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Updated tooth tally

I haven't posted an updated tooth count in a while. They are finally tied again with 12. Sara finally had both first molars break through on top about a week ago. So they have all four in front on the top and bottom, then a space for the canines which should come next, then all the first molars on top and bottom, and a space in back for their second molars which probably won't come until sometime in their 2nd year of life.

I wonder if the top molars coming in are still bothering Sara a little or if she has some canine teeth not far off. She has been sucking her thumb a lot lately and she seems to suck it more if she's hungry, tired, or in a little discomfort. You can rule out tired and hungry when she's sucking it all some point those are taken care of.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Adam has been saying Sara's name for weeks, or his shortened version anyway 'Sa'.

Sara finally had a breakthrough yesterday and said Adam's name...again, a shortened version 'Am'.

Big load

A few weeks ago, Shannon's dad helped me clean out our garage a little bit. We loaded up a big wagon of garbage so it could be wheeled right out to the road. On a day when the weather was still nice, Adam found gold when we were out playing. Adam's philosophy is the bigger the better--anything bigger than him is what he likes to haul around. And I guess the bigger the load the louder his motor sound to run it.

P.S. Don't turn me in to What Not to Wear for my outfit in this video. I'm pretty sure it was a day after being up half the night with one or both the kids so I picked a comfy mom outfit. Plus, I love my orange crocs!

Mini "T"

You know how it is when you first meet someone and start to care for them--you create little pet nicknames for them. It's been 14 years since Shannon and I were in that stage. He was always my "T", my Tenderheart. Adam seems to be a chip off his daddy lately. All day long he is finding things to kiss or hug--Sara's bunny, a picture of an animal in a book, Sara. It's so adorable! Here he is loving on his tiger.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Raspberries and donuts

No, not raspberry donuts. Although I must say I enjoy a good raspberry filled jelly donut from time to time.

Raspberries. We haven't had them for a while. They are really expensive so it's more like a treat. The kids have discovered they fit on your fingers really well for eating! Reminds me of my cousin Ann and her olives at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Except raspberries are WAY better than olives.

And little powdered sugared donettes. Who doesn't love a good, fresh donette? With powdered sugar-coated mouth and hands, Adam is giving the sign language signal for "more"! Actually, he is supposed to be touching his fingers together but he has made his own adaptation by using his knuckles. We still get what he means.

Teaching the kids a few signs has come in handy the past number of months. I had worked with them for a long time when they were babies but they didn't seem to catch on so I gave up. Sometime over the summer, I asked Sara at lunch if she wanted more and she put her hands together to tell me. Out of the blue. It amazes me how much like a sponge they are right now. The ones they use most are more, all done, and thirsty. I've also worked on hungry and ni-nite. But when they say ni-nite and walk to their room, it's pretty self explanatory. The past few days when they are pointing to something and grunting at meal time, I've said 'Sara tell me with your hands' and then she will sign it.

Sara is showing us her empty hand that she would like filled with the same thing that's in the left.

You're not supposed to be up there

A few days ago it seemed a little quiet while I was making lunch. I went to the living room to peek on the kids and what do I find? They are sitting next to each other so quiet. Sara was reading a book. Adam was reading another book and then picked up a musical toy and was dancing. Awh, that's so sweet! Except the spot they picked was up on the fireplace hearth!

You're not supposed to be up there! They just looked up at me and grinned.

Now every time I hear a noise like things are being cleared off a table, I find them emptying books and toys off the hearth so they can crawl up and sit there. Kids will be kids. What am I going to do - tape off the entire house? They have to learn at some point and so far it hasn't been a huge safety hazard.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chicken finger race car

Adam loves making car noises. Sometimes it's at cars. Or sometimes it's for fun pretend time - gotta love a little one's imagination!

In case you were wondering, he did indeed spit the food back out, zoom it around his tray more, and then eat it again...all followed up with a yum!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Still sick...

Adam has been sick since October 28. *sheesh* His nose is finally better but it's now settled into his chest. Throughout the weekend he would cough so hard he would gag. Last night it was so bad it woke him up and he was crying because it hurt. The pediatrician today was shocked to discover that his lungs are perfectly clear! He's hoping I didn't come a few days too soon. We are to watch closely for a fever, run the vaporizer at night, and try some delsum before bedtime to help keep it loose.

Sara is just about back to normal. Her nose just runs occasionally. She has a hacking cough but nothing like Adam's. Dr. Neese listened to her, as well, just in case while we were there. It can pass between twins so easily.

Monday, November 8, 2010


About 2 weeks ago the kids were playing in the living room while I was making breakfast. Shannon and I heard a strange jingling noise. When walking back into the living room, we found Adam on the other side of the footstool. The jingling? The container of dog toys. We asked him how he got there but he just smiled. Up until this point, the couch/footstool combination blocked the back corner of the living room where we had "forbidden things" stored...the stereo, CDs, etc.

I found him over there 3 more times over the next few days before catching him on video. I was certainly curious to see how he did it because he made no noise and didn't fall. I think he had just studied the layout long enough and had been waiting for his height to get to the point that he could try his plan.

Just swing a leg and roll...

After we put the kids to bed for the night, Shannon and I had some work to do. We decided rather than having that area forbidden, which makes them want to be back there more, we would open up the access and make it safe. All CDs were put away and we made a little fortress around the stereo. Since they love to push buttons right now, I unplugged it until they leave it alone more. Otherwise we had the on, off, on, off, on, off madness going.

Behind the couch is now one of their favorite hiding places. I often find Sara back there waiting. There was one morning I actually snuck up on her and peeked over the top of the couch. Then I watched her quietly walk back and forth to each end, looking around the corner to find me. When I started laughing, she looked up and started giggling, too. So much fun!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Wednesday night Adam woke at 2:50am. I spent time unpacking my bag of tricks with him until 4:30. Shannon took over and got him back in bed at 6. Sara then woke at 6:30 for the day.

Thursday night we cut a break and they slept all night.

Last night Adam never fell asleep. That's not quite true. I had him rocked to sleep around 9 and safely put back in bed. Until I opened the bedroom door to leave and the light from the living room woke him up. Shannon tried for the next hour. After that I got creative and set up the pack n play next to our bed thinking it would calm him to sleep next to me instead of needing to be held. At 10:15 when we were going to give it a try, Sara woke up. Unfortunately, her cold advanced very quickly and is much worse than Adam's. Her nose runs like water during the day and is stuffed at night. She hasn't napped or slept well and she has a terrible cough from all the drainage. Thankfully, the pediatrician gave us an adjusted dose of Dimetapp to try so that his helping as best it can. Around 11 things got pretty ugly. Adam was screaming crying no matter what I did. I think he was so exhausted at that point he was mad at everything. Sara couldn't hardly keep her eyes open so I rocked her to sleep while Shannon tried to figure something out with Adam. I finally got Sara back in bed around midnight and Shannon was successful with Adam not long after.

They didn't nap much today but went down easy tonight. We're praying for an bed that is!


For some reason, Adam has been trying to take off his shirt after mealtimes. He gets a little annoyed during part of the process but usually works long enough to celebrate success.


I was going through some old photos and forgot to post a few from one of the kids' favorite new activities - hiding! Sara, especially.

They hide behind the rocking chair in their room. I can see them out of the corner of my eye peeking around the corner of the chair, then they move to the other side. When it's really quiet, I find Sara standing behind some piece of furniture just waiting for me to come looking for her. Or I'll whisper to Adam 'where's Sara? Can you find her?' He'll run over and find her and they just bust out laughing together.

We went outside to play and I was pulling some dead off my flowers. I look around and had trouble finding Sara.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


After last night's bedtime ordeal, I think I might retract my earlier post about easy shots. Maybe I spoke too soon. I would rather have had some screaming kids for 5 minutes at the clinic instead of what we went through last night.

It might have helped if they took an afternoon nap instead of laying in bed talking to each other. But that's how it goes some days. Sara tells Adam stories about her stuffed animal bunny she sleeps with. Adam tells Sara stories about the puppy dog blankie he sleeps with. They toss them over the side to see which one might be able to fly. Anyway...

Last night was a bit of a struggle anyway because Shannon didn't get home until late, pajama time for the kids. So fixing dinner, cleanup, taking care of the dog, and pajamas was all on me when that is usually a shared duty. They were saying ni-nite extra early but snack time took extra long as they kept saying they were still hungry. Finally at 7:45 we put them to bed. And they screamed right away. And they kept screaming. We tried all the tricks we knew. At 10:00 I finally resorted to rocking them both at the same time. Adam climbed down and let Sara get sleepy enough to lay her in her crib. Then I rocked Adam for about 5 minutes and he was totally out, snoring in my arms. 10:15. Over a two hour process.

Fast asleep in bed, I heard that screaming again. 3:15. Sara. Sometimes she calms herself down. Not tonight and she woke up Adam. Shannon and I were tag teaming again trying everything. Just when they would fall asleep we would lay them down and they would wake up. I finally told Shannon to go to bed at 4:30. I got Sara quiet in her crib but Adam would start to calm down and then scream again. Thankfully when I left the room with him Sara didn't wake up. I cleared his nose, gave him more Tylenol, found another blankie, and tried our luck on the couch at 5:10. He fell asleep laying against me and I laid him down in his crib and dragged myself to bed.



I think we both feel like we've been run over.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

That was just too easy

Shots. When are shots ever easy? I definitely got a break today, a double break even!

Pam met me at the health department clinic to help wrangle the kids while I filled in the paperwork. It didn't take as long this time and they enjoyed being distracted with the little toy she brought for them. I opted for 3 shots this month--their 2nd Hepatitis A shot, 1st flu shot, and measles/mumps/rubella. One in both legs and one in the arm. Adam was up first. No crying from either leg shot. They had forewarned us that the arm shot would hurt. He did cry a little with that, I think mostly because it bled quite a bit, but it didn't last long at all. We swapped kids. Sara squirmed a little with the 2nd leg shot and cried a little with the arm but not even as long as Adam. Pam didn't even hear them from behind the curtain. We had a little snack, put on our jackets, and were on our way.

What a nice surprise gift to my day that the process went so well!