Friday, October 15, 2010

Why didn't you say you were hungry?

After 2 months of the kids going to bed at 7:30pm without a peep and waking at 8:30am, we had a blip last night. Well, even the past few mornings Sara has gotten up an hour early. But last night, 30 minutes after we put them to bed, Sara was crying.

I gave her some Tylenol thinking the new tooth about to pop through hurt and put her back to bed. She started flinging herself around the crib in a tantrum. Any time I would try to talk to her, she would throw her body down and hit her head on the crib. Obviously Adam is awake and upset by now.

So I got both of them out of bed and we went in the living room to read a couple more books. They had long nap time during the day so I thought maybe they weren't quite ready for bed yet. We talked about all the animals who were ready for ni-nite time and now it was Adam and Sara's turn. They just shuffled around in their sleep sacks, not quite convinced. I put them back in bed. Adam laid right down. Sara wouldn't have it.

I laid on the floor next to her trying to talk to her. What did she do? Threw her bunny stuffed animal out of the crib at me!

We tried rocking. Adam didn't like that at all--someone other than him was getting mama time but he calmed down. Sara finally relaxed and put her thumb in her mouth. When she seemed sleepy, I laid her back down, turned down the light, and walked out.

Another tantrum. By now it's 9:00.

As Shannon made the comment out loud, I thought it myself--maybe she's hungry. I picked her up and we went in the kitchen. She took a little sip of water but didn't have much interest. I opened the cupboard and her eyes lit up. I unwrapped an apple nutrigrain bar and she about bit my finger off trying to take a bite. She didn't even have that bite fully chewed and wanted another. Sara inhaled that snack and moved on to a bowl of yogurt. She was so crazy trying to take a bite it kept getting all over her lips and she would try to push it back in. I was using the spoon to clean up the extra and she would move her head trying to lick the spoon.

The past few days she has been eating more at mealtimes than Adam. Cleaning her entire plate and then picking up the remaining little crumbs on her tray.

Can you say growth spurt?

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