Sunday, October 24, 2010

Trunk or Treat

Yesterday after the Small Wonders Walk, Shannon and I worked on decorating the trunk of our car for the annual Trunk or Treat festivities organized by the Peoria Mothers of Twins. We met in the parking lot of a local city park and trick or treated from vehicle to vehicle, trunk to trunk. It was a great idea for our first-time trick or treaters.

Since Sara was going to be a tiger and Adam was a lion, I had the idea about a month ago to decorate our trunk like a safari zoo. Here it was the afternoon of the event and we were putting it together at the last minute. But it couldn't have gone more perfect! I wanted to put down a tarp and have lawn clippings to look like grass. It rained most the morning so I was disappointed that my plan wouldn't work out. Instead, a better plan formed. I looked around the yard and saw some tree branches that needed trimmed and tall perennial grasses that could be cut down in time for winter. I put bundles of them together with zip ties to look like trees and clumps of grass. Then I laid the rest down like a field. Shannon was even nice enough to lug a heavy rock from the back yard so the lion could sit on it. Don't you always see a lion up on a rock when you go to the zoo? I enlisted the help of my friend's niece for more stuffed animals. Shannon made bars out of dowel rods to cover the front and spray painted them to look like a metal cage.

The group voted and awarded us 2nd place! The winning car had a pirate theme with a pirate sitting in a rocking chair and a treasure chest. Because their decorations were more Halloween focused, apparently it gave them the edge.

We were certainly a hit with all the kids, though. This little girl just had to have her picture taken with our car because it matched her safari costume so well! Sara wanted her monkey.

There were about 100 kids there, consisting of 25-30 families.

These 3 little bees were very cute. Other memorable costumes were a lamb and a duck, Mario and Luigi, superman and superwoman (including the mom who was also dressed as superwoman), a pair of monkeys, a couple pigs, some princesses, and a couple crayons who also had their stroller decorated like a crayon box. One of the girls was okay with her hood being up (purple) to show the point of the crayon and the other wasn't (yellow). It made me laugh when the dad said 'that's okay, there's a broken crayon in every box!'

Adam and Sara loved walking to each car, picking out a treat, and putting it in their pumpkin. Some cars they visited twice.

Even though we had practiced putting on their costumes 3 or 4 times, Adam was still totally annoyed by it. As much as Sara loved having her tiger costume on and like the hood up, Adam felt the opposite about his mane. He was okay with the outfit in general but not with the hood up. This is about the best shot I could get quickly before he got mad.

Here's Sara loving her tiger. She waves at just about everything lately!

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Jenny said...

Very cute!! Impressive trunk too! I'm wondering about Owen and his far in practice sessions he has not been impressed with it!!