Friday, October 22, 2010

Sara's mood

Over the past week, Sara has been showing a little more of her...what do we want to call it? Spunk. Attitude. Crabiness. Defiance. Temper. Will. Drama queen skills. Any of those might be about right. She is forming a new ability to turn a mood on and off. Frustrated by something? Throw yourself on the floor, scream, and push out big tears from your eyes. Mom has a snack? Oh, mom, can I have a bite of that? And it all stops immediately. Wow, that's a neat trick! Something in front of her that she doesn't want to eat? Throw it on the floor. Most of the time I just wait for her to get over it or realize she is there by herself and Adam and I are waiting for her to get up and walk outside with us to play.

This particular morning she didn't want oatmeal. I think it was more that she was really hungry and would have liked the oatmeal but she couldn't get the spoon to work fast enough. She ate it with her fingers, then smeared it in her hair and threw the plate on the floor. I give her points for recovering nicely for the photo shot, though! Don't be fooled by the blue eyes - she can work it!