Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Physical therapy

Adam has had 2 physical therapy visits since I wrote about it last. Sheri came to the house about 2 months ago. It's so funny that when Shannon and I look at him, we say 'his walking has improved.' When a trained eye looks at him, she says his legs are rotating properly and he is rolling his ankles in a walking motion, he is slightly pigeon-toed but nothing to be concerned about, his toes are curling and grasping the floor as they should be, he has good balance, etc. Our goal after that visit was to get the kids outside more and walking in the grass and other uneven surfaces. That would help improve their balance and coordination. She also said take them to WalMart more often and let them navigate around clothing displays and other people but we have found other ways to practice that without wearing ourselves out at WalMart.

The kids love to be outside and I am thankful for the nicer weather we have had lately. It's probably about it for the year before winter hits, and then we'll have to dig out snow boots and they can really test their coordination!

Sheri gave us about a 5 week break and visited again almost 2 weeks ago. She chased Adam all over the living room to test his balance, speed, stopping, starting, changing directions, etc. They were laughing and giggling together--certainly different than when she first saw him and he would cry. We went up and down the stairs to see how they were doing with walking up the stairs instead of crawling. And she tested them on some more advanced skills--kicking a ball and jumping. Both the kids just moved their body in a jumping motion but their feet didn't leave the ground, which is perfect for their age because jumping is a 24 month skill. I think the funniest thing was when she was throwing a stuffed animal bunny at Adam to see if he would catch it. It would hit him in the tummy and fall to the ground. He would just look down at it and giggle. The second time the same thing happened. He just looked down and giggled. The third time the bunny fell to the ground but he put his hands out to catch it in a delayed response. That was what she was wanting to see. After more practice, he was actually able to catch it.

One of the best things about having Sheri still visit from time to time is that she gives us the next stage of things we can teach the kids. Her goal is that when the kids turn 2 and lose their 3 month prematurity correction in the eyes of doctors and developmental assessments, they will transition right in to their actual age and have no delay at all. I so appreciate her helping us with this. So our new list of things to work on is hand in hand assistance on the stairs, jumping, a small wooden puzzle with 2-3 pieces, stacking blocks, catching/throwing/kicking a ball, and scribbling with crayons.

At this point Sheri has no concerns with Adam at all. She is going to check with our Early Intervention Coordinator to see when they start assessing speech to make sure he isn't behind with that. At this age they usually don't count how many words a child can say, but instead like to hear a variety of consonant sounds being made. She plans to come back in early December to score him formally again and we'll go from there. The next Easter Seals visit is in February.

That's the news on my superstar!

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Jenny said...

Yea!! I'm glad they are both doing so well, but especially Adam:)