Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall twin sale purchases

Got some great finds at the fall twin sale a few months back. Clothes to get us by in the fall, some summer pajamas for next year, their halloween costumes for this year, Christmas picture outfits, and a little toy xylophone that they really like. My most exciting purchases? Great blow up sleds that of course we had to try out.

I did buy 2 but they can both fit in 1 right now. It was challenging getting a good photo. At first, Sara just wanted to sit in it and was all happy. Adam, of course, found the "string" on the front and kept walking back and forth, putting it over his head, try to pull Sara, etc. Then they both thought they should jump on it.

My second purchase(s) that I was very excited about? SHOES! The brown pair of high tennis shoes for Adam right now - he had nothing but a pair of sandals that fit. The blue and pink snow boots that may be slightly big but they should work for this year. The gray tennis shoes for Adam next year. The blue and pink sandals for next summer. The dark brown shoes for Sara should fit between now and Spring for a dressier pair. The light brown dressy pair probably starting early summer next year for Sara. That's 8 pair of shoes for $23...about the price of 1 pair new!

I almost forgot about the little bubble mower that I bought for Adam. It could be either child but Adam laid claim on it the next morning as soon as he saw it. Any time Sara tries to push it, he runs right over and puts himself in front of the handle to take it back. We haven't loaded any bubbles in it because I don't want the mess when playing with it in the house. Maybe next summer, though.

And I bought a bike trailer that both kids can sit in. They seem to have really enjoyed the short distances we have gone so far. Shannon won a mountain bike a few years back. I think it will be on my gift list to get one for myself for next year.

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