Friday, October 29, 2010

Cold season already?

Lots of sickness is going around in the area so I guess it was inevitable we would take a turn at some point. I was hoping we would put it off a little longer or miss out completely because we avoid a lot of high traffic germ areas. Adam woke up with a bit of a runny nose yesterday but he had a very low fever and kept putting his hands in his mouth so I thought he might have been cutting another tooth. But the more than usual white color of his face last night and droopiness of his eyes made me think otherwise. It was confirmed this morning with his runny nose and sneezing. Sara seems like she isn't far behind. Hopefully it won't last 5 weeks like last spring!

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Clargoins said...

We are currently in this boat. Both girls sneezing and runny noses. YUCK!