Saturday, October 23, 2010

Celebrating our small wonders

We enjoyed our Small Wonders Walk this morning supporting the Children's Hospital of Illinois Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. First on the agenda was donning our t-shirts/dresses.

Because of the rain, all festivities were inside. The local Christian radio station had great music playing that the kids danced to. Then we headed over to the tumbling area so they could play.

Sara loved the slide.

After playing for a bit, we met up with some old friends! Miss Madelon was Adam and Sara's NICU roommate for quite a while. I know they had some sleepless nights studying for the car seat test. The doctor's have also classified Madelon as a rock star with no lingering effects from her brain bleed, so she is near and dear to our hearts.

Then we were a little hungry and had to stop for a snack. Shannon found it challenging to find Sara's mouth with the snickerdoodle cookie. Simultaneously, Sara found it challenging to eat the cookie when Shannon kept moving it to find her mouth!

Then it was back to more playing. Adam enjoyed playing peek with Shannon from behind the play mat.

They also had the best face painting I have ever seen. Something to enjoy next year when the kids won't just wipe it off. And they had really great balloon animals but weren't allowing children under 3 to have any due to the choking hazard. We took a very large group photo and chatted with the doctor assigned to us for the first month we were in the NICU. Even with all the children that go through the doors, Dr. Makwon still remembered us. We got a free 8x10 family photo. Adam tried to go in the bounceroo but there were some older kids being a little crazy. So instead he decided to hijack their balloon animals and shoes! Shhhh...

The walk portion consisted of 550 people making a giant loop in the complex until we couldn't move any further and we called it a success! It was a shame we couldn't walk outside but I was thankful we didn't get wet. Early counts reveal that dollars from pledges and the silent auction total more than $27,000. All proceeds will support the NICU directly through equipment purchases and supporting families.

To those of you who donated to "Project Little Mo", we are thankful for your support of our small wonders!

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