Friday, October 15, 2010

18 month pediatrician update

I was scrambling yesterday when my usual pediatrician appointment partner had to cancel. 2 requests had other commitments. Another didn't get the message. Just when I had convinced myself that I could manage the chaos of getting them both undressed, measured, and weighed while the nurses waited patiently, I made one last phone call this morning that worked out like a charm. After two nurses tag-teamed me, I was so grateful I wasn't by myself - thanks Dan!

We keep saying how big the kids are getting and Dr. Neese confirmed that - they are growing like weeds! It has been 15 weeks since their last appointment and here's the break down.

Sara - 22lb 11oz. 26th percentile on the regular growth chart / 80% on the preemie chart
32" tall 62% compared to toddlers her age / 95% compared to 15 mo corrected age

That's a 2lb 3oz gain since the last visit and 2 1/2" of growth. She has grown 4" since April. Holy cow!

Adam - 22lb 6oz. 9% on the regular chart / 75% on the preemie chart
32" tall 42% compared to other 18 mo boys / 85% compared to corrected age

That's a 1lb 14oz gain for Adam and 2" of growth. He has grown 3 1/2" since April. Sara finally pushed ahead in the weight category again. No wonder he looks tall and skinny!

We talked about his opinions about the dentist and the winter flu season coming up. We also discussed their shot schedule and flu/whooping cough immunizations for Shannon and I. No complaints at all about their sleep schedule--in fact, he wished he could sleep that well! The last thing he expressed was that this was a time kids start to kick, bite, and hit because they are frustrated and can't tell you yet. The only discipline to really enforce right now are those acts of aggression (and obviously any safety issues.) Everything else is a curious learning stage.

Amazing we get 6 months off before going back for their 2 year appointment. Much different than when we had to go every few days or every week! A nice aspect of "graduating".

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