Friday, September 24, 2010

Two little monkeys

Two little monkeys jumping in bed...thankfully we aren't to the point that one falls out yet! This is how they wake up from a nap probably 70% of the time! Their crib converts to a toddler bed when they are ready but we might have to look into getting new mattresses. I should start rotating them when I change the sheets on their crib...

Okay so ignore the pink blankie Adam is holding while sucking his thumb. That's "backup blankie." Sara never latched on to one so when Adam's blue one is in the wash, we resort to the pink. He's really good about getting one last thumb suck and putting them back in bed after nap time, though. I bought him a second blue one at the twin sale so he can now have an "appropriate" backup blankie. It may matter to him when he gets older but right now not so much.

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