Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sara's goose egg

Adam had his first face plant to the floor resulting in a fat lip so it only seems fitting that Sara would fall and get an injury, as well. It's interesting to me how many things they trip on. I guess it makes sense if you watch them walk and realize they don't really see what is on the floor in front of them. I'm surprised they haven't had more tumbles than this.

Sara was playing in the living room last week and tripped on a toy and took a header into the fireplace hearth. That was a little hard to see happen. It swelled up into a big ol' goose egg on her forehead right away and turned purple. I tried to ice it but she wasn't really interested. A few minutes of snuggling and she was ready to get down and play again. That's my girl! It's been a week and the bruise is at the lovely yellow stage now.

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