Tuesday, September 21, 2010

NICU Small Wonders Miracle Walk

A group of graduate NICU parents have worked hard to organize a walk and silent auction to raise funds for the Children's Hospital of Illinois Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). This is the 4th year for the walk and we are excited to be participating this year! Shannon and I currently volunteer for the Family Advisory Board of the NICU and we see the walk as another way to give back to an organization that was so valuable in the early stages of our twins' lives. I truly believe the level of care they received, partnered with prayer, made a tremendous difference and we will be forever grateful.

When I transitioned from the infertility doctor to my regular ob, I paused a moment as I heard him tell me in the first 5 minutes that he was classifying me as a high risk pregnancy. I spent my entire pregnancy with that label but had no complications, no morning sickness, no nothing. At my 26 week appointment, he was amazed at how well my body was holding up--no stress, no swelling, no high blood pressure (in fact it was extremely low), no signs of pre-term labor, no dilation, no shortening of my cervix. He was going to make a decision about modified bed rest at my 28 week appointment. Unfortunately, things changed very quickly and I skipped that appointment and talked to him in the delivery room instead.

We spent hours in the NICU, praying for our 2 1/2 pound babies. 44 days for Sara; 61 for Adam. I'm sure many of you reading this joined in praying with us. I know we will never be able to fully express our gratitude for that. It was an experience that changed our lives. Now almost 21 pounds heavier and 18 months older, we still are very aware of the path that has led us to today. We remain grateful and humble.

If you feel passionate about it, we would love your financial partnership--no gift is too small! I have included the website link below. They are having a few issues with the link to donate online so they have asked that anyone wishing to support "Team Project Little Mo" print out the registration form and mark the box that you are a "virtual walker". This means you will be walking in spirit and donating a monetary gift. Virtual walkers are welcome to mail the registration form and method of payment to the address listed on the form. Please note "Team Project Little Mo" on the form. A second option would be that you can drop off your amount to myself or Shannon and we will take it with us the day of the event.


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