Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First...fair, ice cream cone, sandbox fun

Wisconsin visits usually give the kids a chance to try some new things and last weekend was no exception.

They had their first visit to the Elkhorn Fair. We bundled up in jeans, which I was thankful I found a pair that fit in both length and waist since it isn't technically jean weather yet! Also needed their jackets, hood, and a blanket! Once the wind died down it was fine but it sure was shocking to get out of the car!

Adam had a grilled cheese sandwich. Sara wasn't interested - way too many things and people to see! We saw the display of baby chicks hatching.

Then we were off to see the pigs, cows, and my personal favorite - the bunnies! I wish I had a photo to share of the bunny with the longest ears I have ever seen in my life. They hung down and touched the floor of the cage and then folded over another inch or two. He would shake his head and an ear would flop over to the other side and he would wiggle his head around trying to get it back to where it was supposed to be.

I think the kids were a little intrigued to see live animals. Sara had quite the reaction when a big cow mooed when we walked by.

Of course they thoroughly enjoyed sharing their first cinnamon roll with us - yums all around!

The clogging show was fun but a tad long as they were way past nap time. Sorry to the nice grandma in front of us who Adam kept smacking and pulling her hair! Cousin Clara was also quite upset when Adam stole her animal crackers and then picked up her sippie cup and took a big swig. I guess she isn't used to sharing that much!

Next on the list of firsts for the weekend is first ice cream cone. Now they have already had ice cream by itself; come on, how could they not with our family? Robyn had these teeny tiny miniature ice cream cones. Adam tore right into it, eating the ice cream on top and discovering right away that you could also eat the holder. Sara on the other hand--remember she's the savorer. Is that a word? She licked at the ice cream. Looked at it. Poked her finger in it. Nibbled at the cone. And waited so long that the ice cream left in the cone made it soggy and it fell apart, which upset her.

The last first--playing in the sandbox. We definitely need to get one of these!

We can't leave out Sara's fun on the slide. Good thing we have a big yard - room for lots of toys next year!

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