Friday, September 24, 2010

Eating with a spoon

We have been practicing eating with a spoon off and on for about a week now. Yogurt, oatmeal, mashed potatoes. They do pretty well getting the spoon to their mouth. Sometimes loading up is the challenge. Adam seems to be partial to holding the spoon with his left hand. Makes sense because he is a left handed thumb sucker. Sara switches back and forth.

We have also graduated to eating on plates. It's really nice to load up a plate with food for the meal and then all sit together to eat. Shannon and I can actually eat food that is still warm rather than ice cold because you keep pausing to reload a tray with a few bites of food or have to spoon feed.

Adam is getting much better at not cramming way too much in his mouth. Every now and then he has a lapse. I can't remember what he was stuffing in his mouth the other day. His cheeks looked like a chipmunk. I told him he had so much he couldn't even chew. He kept trying. I couldn't help but start to laugh at him, which got him laughing, and then he really couldn't chew it. I ended up with a big ball of something unrecognizable that he spit in my hand. How else are you going to learn unless you have moments like that with supervision? Honestly, though, you know he will do it again - he's a boy!

I know this isn't a very "exciting" video. But since I am also using this blog to record memories of our milestones, you will have to humor me!

Oatmeal is the practicing food of this day. Adam loads too much on the spoon and then half falls off before it hits his mouth. Does he care? Absolutely not. I put it back in the bowl from time to time so he has enough to eat until he's full!

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Jenny said...

They're both doing so good with that! Impressive!